Glendower Prep School visit

Glendower Prep School is one of the top prep schools in London, with stellar exit results, and its popularity was evident in the make-up of parents during my school visit: I was the only mum with a born daughter, the other mothers were all yet to give birth!

We were glad to hear then that Glendower has just expanded and is now ready to accept 35-40 girls to each Reception intake, twice as many as previously. Despite its popularity, I found the Registrar extremely responsive, which might be due to healthy competition from equally popular and successful Falkner House nearby.


We briefly met the Registrar and the Headmistress and were then taken on a tour by one of the school governors who also happens to have two daughters at the school. We started out in the assembly hall where we could observe a Year 2 class’s morning assembly, where the girls learn about the school values and get to practice their public speaking and listening skills. Even at their young age, all the girls were very well-spoken, self-confident and mature, which was very impressive.

On we went up the old wooden stairs winding their way up to the different floors, visiting science rooms, the Reception class and the lunch hall. We entered many classrooms with lessons ongoing and the pupils and teachers seemed very used to it, welcoming us openly and engaging in conversation. One of the concerns I had was the idea of girls only education, and I asked the governor about what he could say to convince me of its value. He didn’t seem to want to engage in a discussion on the matter and said it was a very personal decision that he thought every parent had to make for themselves. I agree, but it would have been nice to hear what reasons those who had opted for single sex education thought of the matter.

I left impressed by the girls and the teachers, confident that my daughter would be well looked after academically, as well as in terms of personal development, but was no more eager to choose a girls only school than before. If you are one of those happy to have their daughters educated in a girls only setting, however, Glendower should definitely be on the top of your list.

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