More 11+ results: Kensington Prep, St Nicholas Prep, Notting Hill Prep

Finally, more schools are reporting senior school results for 2012 (find previous results here). These are the highlights:

Kensington Prep School: out of 34 girls,

  • a whopping 17 were admitted to the Godolphin & Latymer School
  • 2 got accepted to the St Paul’s Girls’ School
  • 3 at Latymer Upper School
  • 2 at City of London School
  • 2 at Wycombe Abbey.
  • Full list of senior school places in pdf can be found here.

St Nicholas Preparatory School: out of 34 girls,

  • 1 got into Latymer Upper School
  • 1 got into the Harrodian School
  • 1 into St Paul’s Girls’ School
  • Full list here

Notting Hill Prep School

  • 1 got into City of London School for Girls
  • 2 got into the Harrodian School
  • 1 into Godolphin and Latymer
  • 2 into Latymer Upper School
  • 2 into South Hampstead High
  • Full list here

You can also get the senior school results 2012 for Eaton Square School here – unfortunately they only provide a list of schools without numbers which always makes it harder to gauge their success.

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