Eaton House Belgravia 2012 exit results

We still need to wait a bit longer for Common Entrance / 13+ results for most of the London prep schools, but most schools have by now at least published their 2012 7+ and 8+ results. I just discovered Eaton House Belgravia has published their results here, and there are a few things to highlight. While it seems this year was very competitive, the school has placed their boys into many of the top London schools, which is especially impressive as it has a high share of internationals and admits pupils on a first come first served basis, not based on assessment. This is true for the Hill House International Junior School as well, and it confirms my view that doing assessments of 3 and 4 year olds is a peculiar and unnecessary thing – but what can we do!!

Highlights of their 8+ results are:

Congratulations to all the boys! Fantastic results, and as I know from some acquaintances with sons at the school, a result of very hard work!

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