New free schools opening in London in 2013

The Department of Education just published the list of 102 new free schools that will open in England in September 2013, 34 of which are located in London. Many of those are primary school, so I thought it is worth sharing more information about some of the free primary schools opening in Central London. You can find the full list of all free schools opening here, but here is a selection of them that look very interesting to me:

  • Belsize Park Primary School (Belsize Park): a non-denominational community primary school in Belize Park that will offer Mandarin lessons. There is not a whole lot of information on this school yet on their website, but it is worth watching if you live in the area
  • South London Jewish Primary School (Southfields/Wandsworth): a free primary school that “will welcome pupils of all denominations and levels of religious observance as well as non-Jewish pupils who wish to share in the high standards of academic achievement we aim to deliver”. You can find out more on their website
  • Thomson House School (Barnes/Mortlake): this school is set up by a group of parents that includes Matteo Rossetti, Head of Prep at the Harrodian School. In fact, the school will be allowed to share the Harrodian School’s sports grounds and access their gifted and talented programme, so if you are lucky enough to live in their catchment area (it will be close to Barnes or Mortlake Station but is not definite yet), this is definitely a school worth watching! Read all about its background here
  • West London Free School Primary (Hammersmith): you are very likely to have heard of the secondary West London Free School that offers a classical liberal arts education to all children of the community lucky enough to gain a place. In 2013, they will add a primary school that also aims to offer a classical liberal arts education from the primary level and enable the children to transfer to its nearby secondary school automatically

Not everyone will be lucky enough to live close to these schools, but don’t forget some free schools already open in 2012 and the list is likely to grow in 2014 and beyond, so alternatives in state schools are certainly becoming increasingly attractive.

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