11+ exit results for top girls’ prep schools 2013

Many girls’ schools have published their 2013 exit results now. Kensington Prep girls have really crushed it this year with 9 offers from St Paul’s Girls’ School and 6 from City of London School. Pembridge Hall is also very impressive with 10 offers from Latymer Upper, 4 from St Paul’s, 9 from City of London School and 7 from the top girls’ boarding school Wycombe Abbey. Glendower Prep with only fifteen 11+ candidates this year achieved 2 offers from St Paul’s, 2 from City and 5 from Godolphin and Latymer. Falkner House offers with twenty-one candidates are spread across many schools, with five candidates heading to boarding school St Mary’s Ascot and another five heading to Queen’s Gate. Only 1 from Falkner House is moving to St Paul’s this year, and Garden House also sends only one girl to St Paul’s this year. Bute House tops the charts as always with 22 girls (out of 62) gaining admission to St Paul’s Girls’ School. Bute House also achieved 12 offers from the top boarding school Wycombe Abbey.

So if you were to rank these preps by exit results, you would see Bute House on top, Kensington Prep a close second, followed by Pembridge Hall. It’s also notable that a small number of candidates move to state secondary schools at the moment. Henrietta Barnett School in North London, the West London Free School in Hammersmith and Lady Margaret’s School in Parson’s Green are popular options. The following links give you access to the full results (including those of a few more schools that have published 11+ results already:

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