7+ specimen papers

Westminster Under School, Vincent Square

For those of you preparing for upcoming 7+ exams in December and January, here is a helpful overview of very good past papers published by the top target schools in London, along with a few more from highly selective schools elsewhere in England. They vary in difficulty, so I recommend rather than going through paper by paper, to print  a variety of specimen papers and sort the individual pages in order of increasing difficulty, getting your child started on the more straight forward questions. Also adapt it to the level of your child, there is no point giving them a paper covering three digit subtraction if they have no idea what that is.

If you child is still in Year 1 or not ready for the most challenging papers, you could start with the following very helpful Schofield & Sims Maths workbooks that cover the Key Stage 1 curriculum and are well aligned with the material tested at 7+:

Below is a list of links to 7+ specimen papers published online directly by the schools. Latymer Prep does not publish the past papers online but sends it out to those who have registered for the exam well in advance.

If you want further depth or variety, you can purchase additional preparation materials at Exampapersplus.co.uk. Also read All you need to know about the 7+ exam.

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