Colet Court School

Lonsdale Road, London SW13 9JT

Profile: Colet Court is a boys’ only preparatory school that forms the preparatory department of St Paul’s School in Richmond, one of London’s top secondary schools. Boys attend Colet Court from age 7 to 13, at which point they generally transfer to St Paul’s School. Along with Westminster Under, it is one of the most sought after prep schools for parents who value high academic achievement. Colet Court is located on beautiful and spacious 45 acre grounds in Richmond, just across Hammersmith bridge, enabling it to offer a wide range of individual and team sports a stonethrow from Thames river.

As a large school with 430+ boys, it provides a wide range of extracurricular activities with known strengths in music and drama, as well as competitive sports. Notable examples of opportunities open to the boys are a rugby and football tour to South Africa, members of the choir invited to sing at the Proms, and an impressive array of mathematics medals won by the boys.

The ISI inspection of the school is very positive, highlighting high expectations and outstanding teaching, as well as praising the school for providing a rich extracurricular programme and outstanding pastoral care. If you follow the press carefully, you will find this was not always the case in the past.

Admissions: Colet Court is selective and is done by testing at the 7+, 8+ and 11+ stage, with 36 boys admitted at 7+, 36 at 8+, and another 10-20 at 11+. Boys may be registered for Colet Court from their fourth birthday. The closing date for registration is 14 October in the year prior to entry. For the 7+ exam, candidates are invited to sit tests in English, Mathematics and Reasoning. The Reasoning test results are weighted according to age. The school provides a suggested reading list and a maths syllabus for parents who like to know what to expect from the selection procedure. It is obviously one of the most competitive prep schools to get into, and only boys who are performing comfortably years ahead of their age group and are top of their class are likely to be successful here.

Exit Results: All boys are generally expected to proceed on to St. Paul’s School, and a great majority of them do. This offers parents a peace of mind regarding their sons’ future education following preparatory school. The school does state that it provides recommendations and support for pupils who need to transfer to a school other than St Paul’s if necessary due to parental circumstances, but it is considered an exception.

Colet Court has a good relationship with other senior schools, such as Eton and Winchester, and will support boys with appropriate references and recommendations.

More on life after Colet Court can be found on the school’s website.