and Prince George of Cambridge will attend…. Wetherby! (or won’t he?)

Thank you so much to those of you who have taken the survey already!! It is still open and I will update the results over time, but here’s what the results tell us so far based on the first 100 responses. No surprise most readers think Prince George will attend Wetherby School following his father’s footsteps, but it’s only a small majority of 60%. Apart from Wetherby, the other 40% of you think his parents will go with the times and choose a coeducational school. Garden House and Hill House come just behind Wetherby, and Chepstow House and Thomas’s got many votes. Other than that, there were a few votes for Eaton Square School and the small state primary St Mary Abbots (attended by PM David Cameron’s daughter) in Kensington, as well as Fox Primary. Here are the full results:

  1. Wetherby Pre-Prep 60%
  2. Garden House 12%
  3. Hill House 8%
  4. Chepstow House 6%
  5. Thomas’s 6%
  6. St Mary Abbots  6%
  7. Fox Primary 1%
  8. Eaton Square School 0.5%
  9. Eaton House School 0.5%

If you want to know what my guess is, I am expecting them to choose a coeducational primary for the beginning as well, and I think the most likely candidate is Chepstow House as it is affiliated with Wetherby and I consider the likes of Hill House or Thomas’s too large to be suitable. Garden House is an interesting one but I am not sure the location suits particularly well. I wouldn’t discard St Mary Abbots either, even though that would surprise many people! Anyway, we won’t find out for another four years and the only relevance it really has for us is that whichever school they choose might shoot up in popularity (as happened to the University of St Andrews when Prince William chose it, in fact rental prices for student flats doubled in the years following his move!).

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