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Most schools have published their 11+ exit results for 2014 by now, while we need to wait another month or two for Common Entrance results, as exams for boarding school entry tend to take place after half-term. But we do have the results from co-educational prep schools already, along with most girls’ schools.

Co-ed prep schools

Thomas’s Fulham have published their 11+ results already (not so the other three Thomas’s schools). About a third of 11+ leavers is transferring to Thomas’s Clapham for 13+ exit. Three girls are moving on to Godolphin and Latymer and just one to St Paul’s Girls’ School. Five boys managed to pass to King’s College Wimbledon. The total number of leavers was 46.

Pupils from Cameron House in Chelsea achieved offers from Alleyn’s, City of London School for Girls, Godolphin and Latymer, Sevenoaks, Sussex House and Westminster Under this year. Candidates at St Nicholas Prep School in South Kensington did well this year gaining offers from City of London School, King’s College, Putney High, Latymer Upper and Westminster Under.

Kew College did extremely well, with 4 offers from St Paul’s Girls’ and 4 places offered by Colet Court, out of only 39 candidates. The pupils also won an impressive 18 offers from Latymer Upper School, 2 from Westminster Under and 3 from King’s College Wimbledon, not to mention 6 offers from Lady Eleanor Holles School!

Only one girl at Hill House won an 11+ place at St Paul’s but there were 3 offers from CLSG and 4 from Latymer Upper, and a further 2 from Wycombe Abbey.

Girls’ prep schools

Bute House did particularly well this year with 26 offers from St Paul’s Girls’ School (out of 60 candidates). There were also 10 offers from NLCS (3 of which were accepted). and 8 offers from Wycombe Abbey (3 of which accepted).

Next best this year is probably Glendower Prep School with 6 St Paul’s offers (out of 25 candidates). Kensington Prep achieved 5 St Paul’s offers (out of about 40 candidates). Pembridge Hall girls achieved 5 offers from St Paul’s (out of 60 candidates) and there were 3 offers from St Paul’s for Falkner House girls (20 candidates). Only one girl got into St Paul’s from Garden House (out of 28 candidates), but they are sending four girls to Wycombe Abbey.

I’d love to include North London prep schools as well but they either haven’t published their results or have only published lists of schools their pupils move on to, no numbers. I have heard through the grapevine that Sarum Hall girls have done quite well this year though. I’d also like to add the disclaimer that I don’t think a school should be judged purely on how many girls they get into St Paul’s (or NLCS), but it’s a nice and easy way to create some sort of a ranking without making it too complicated. At least this gives you a very good indicator about the level of selectiveness and “pushiness” of a school, and you can judge for yourself if you think that is a good thing or not!

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  1. Hello there – I’d be extremely interested in an update if further schools have published their results since this article! Many thanks in advance

    1. I wish! Not yet, it might take a few more weeks or even months, they definitely have the results already but because some children are on waiting lists, they are likely to wait a few more weeks to finalise.

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