Northwood Prep merges with Merchant Taylors’ School

Northwood Prep will henceforward be known as Merchant Taylors’ Prep; this formal union of the two schools will establish a ‘through school’ experience for boys at the school for the first time, the only such school in the Northwood area. The former Northwood Prep, now Merchant Taylors’ Prep, joins St John’s School as a member of the Merchant Taylors’ Educational Trust.

Speaking on behalf of Northwood Prep, Head of School Dr Karen McNerney said, “We are delighted about this alliance. We believe it will offer our boys and their parents significant academic, extracurricular and pastoral benefits. In providing a through school experience, we will be able to offer a much more personalised learning experience to pupils and improve our ability to meet the needs of the brightest and best pupils in both schools.”

Speaking on behalf of Merchant Taylors’ School, Head Master Simon Everson said, “This alliance is a natural evolution of the relationship we have long had with Northwood Prep. We have, for many years, enjoyed a shared ethos, shared history, shared community, and shared ambition. Together, we combine an outstanding academic record with a commitment to helping our pupils achieve their full potential. We believe the all-through experience we establish for our pupils will become, in time, greater than the sum of its parts. As well as retaining our separate identities, we will create new traditions and a new shared history, underpinned by the academic, sporting, and artistic excellence we will achieve together.”

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