UCS Pre-Prep

36 College Crescent, London NW3 5LF

Profile: UCS Pre-Prep is a pre-prep school in Hampstead for boys aged 4 – 7. Formerly known as the co-educational Phoenix School, the UCS Council decided in 2016 that the school should transition to an all boys Pre‐Prep school with children aged 4‐7, with the entry point being directly into Reception via a 4+ assessment. The last in‐take of girls was in September 2016 and the school no longer offers a Nursery class from September 2017. As part of this transition the school changed its name from The Phoenix School to UCS Pre‐Prep from September 2016.

UCS Pre-Prep has an average class size of 14 – 18 pupils, and all teachers are supported by teaching assistants as well as specialist teachers in Music, Art, DT, and PE. There are designated Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One areas, with light, well-equipped classrooms, a spacious gym, an Art room and library area. Pupils also use the facilities at the Senior School and Junior Branch on a regular basis, benefiting from an on-site swimming pool, among many other benefits.

A recent inspection report suggests the school combines high academic standards with excellent pastoral care:

pupils are very well educated and achieve high standards in both their learning and their personal development. They make good and, on occasion, rapid progress in relation to their abilities because of a broad curriculum, an excellent programme of activities both in and outside school, and most effective teaching, which in many lessons is outstanding.

The school successfully achieves its aim to provide a happy, supportive and stimulating environment where intellectual curiosity and independence of mind are developed and self-discovery and selfexpression are fostered

Admissions: UCS Pre-Prep admits two forms of boys into Reception. Boys are assessed for entry. You can register your child at any time after they are born but applications close the year preceding the intended start in September i.e. if your child is due to start Reception in 2019 then the applications close at the beginning of September 2018. 4+ Assessments for 2019 places will be held in January 2019.

Exit Results: The school does not publish a detailed breakdown of destination schools on their website but can provide it to parents before they commit to a place. Boys at UCS Pre-Prep usually transfer to the UCS Junior School following a successful 7+ examination, although this transfer is not automatic and it’s not unheard of for some not to pass.

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