DUCKS (Dulwich College Infant and Junior School)

Eller Bank, 87 College Road, London, SE21 7HH

Profile: DUCKS is the co-educational infant school owned by Dulwich College and sits within secure grounds a short walk from the main Dulwich College campus. Occupying a charming house and a new, specially designed building, every classroom opens up to beautiful gardens and spacious play-areas. Children at DUCKS also have access to the Dulwich College playing fields, the swimming pool and other PE facilities. You see the benefit of leaving Central London when you visit this school, with gardens, fields and playgrounds that other London prep school children can only dream of!

The school has dedicated music, physical education, French and Learning Support staff, and even a small amphitheatre for musical performances. Although the school is co-educational, there is currently a larger share of boys in the older year groups, as some girls leave at 4+.

Longstanding Head Heather Friell moved on to another prep school outside London in 2015, when previous Deputy Head Mrs Nicky Black took over as the new Head of DUCKS. A graduate of the University of Durham, Mrs Black came to DUCKS from Hornsby House School, Balham where she held the post of Director of Studies from 2008, leading a variety of new initiatives. At Hornsby House Mrs Black was also Head of Lower School and Head of Maths.

Admissions: Children can start at the Kindergarten aged 6 months, though only children registered before birth will have any chance of a place, since most places go to siblings and staff children. Children can also enter the Kindergarten at later stages or join the nursery aged 3. The entry procedure requires that parents visit DUCKS for a tour and a discussion on the entry process before registering. A £25 registration is charged. Very early registration is required to join DUCKS at nursery age. But occasional vacancies do arise in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, so it can be possible to join at later stages, which is very helpful to know for relocating families.

Exit Results: A large share of the boys move on to Dulwich College at 7+ each year, with a smaller number going to Dulwich Prep. Most of the girls sit 7+ exams at nearby Dulwich independent schools JAPS or Alleyn’s. Other destinations are Rosemead, Oakfield Prep, Sydenham High School. The school publishes detailed exit results here. DUCKS maintains very close links with Dulwich College, Alleyn’s and JAPS, which are all part of the Dulwich College Estate.

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