School admissions consulting for parents and corporates
choose a school - Version 2If you are looking for personalised advice on choosing the right school for your child, school admissions, or if you need help finding a school place for your child when you move to London, please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss how we can help. Check our testimonials to find out how we have helped many international and London based parents find the right school for their child.

Popular consulting options are:

  • Introductory school selection: ideal for parents with very young baby, a complete introduction to all they need to think about from birth to five, including working out an action plan of nursery and school registrations
  • Basic relocation / short term school selection: for anyone needing a school place in London private schools within a short time frame, we offer advice on suitable schooling options
  • Comprehensive relocation: London Pre-Prep can arrange all your school admissions by not only selecting desirable schools but also identifying available spaces on a short-term basis, organising school visits and aiding in decision-making in the case of multiple offers

Contact us under to enquire about individualised rates. Find out more about our consultants here.

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