Norland Place School

162-166 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4UH

Profile: Norland Place School is a co-educational, non-selective school for boys aged 4-8 and girls aged 4-11. Established in 1876, it has a reputation for high academic standards and traditional values and is located in walking distance from Holland Park Tube Station. It was widely published in the press a couple of years back when Tory Chancellor George Osborne, who attended Norland Place himself before moving onto St Paul’s, decided to send his two children to Norland Place despite being offered a place at an outstanding state primary in Westminster.

Although Norland Place School is non-selective, the ability of most pupils at the school is well above the national average according to standardised tests. The schools quality of teaching, according to the Inspection Report, is supposed to be good but not outstanding. They do win a high share of medals at the Primary Maths Challenge though, which suggests the quality of teaching must be of a high standard. It is still fairly British in terms of its intake, although by now a wider mix of Europeans and Americans resident in and around Notting Hill and Holland Park send their children to the school as well. Miss Delaney’s nursery is supposed to have a good relationship with this school.

Admissions: Norland Place operates a non-selective admissions policy similar to Pembridge Hall and Wetherby School. You do need to register early though! It is oversubscribed.

There is no assessment of children before they are offered a place at the Reception entry stage but they should be registered as soon as possible. We operate both a ‘definite list’ and a ‘waiting list’. Four ‘definite’ places (two boys’ and two girls’) are allocated to children born in each calendar month, on a first come first served basis

Exit Results: Boys used to leave Norland Place at 8+, mostly to St Paul’s Junior, Sussex House, St Philipp’s, Westminster Cathedral Choir School. Some to boarding school (Caldicott, Ludgrove). Norland Place has now become a fully co-educational prep school where both boys and girls are prepared for the 11+, the occasional girl gets into St Paul’s or City of London, but most move on to slightly less competitive schools, such as Francis Holland Regent’s Park, South Hampstead High School.

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