Eaton House the Manor Boys’ School

58 Clapham Common North Side, London, SW4 9RU

Eaton House the Manor overseas Clapham Common

Profile: Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School is formed of a co-educational nursery (for ages 2-4) and pre-prep and prep school for boys aged 4-13. The school is non-selective at its Nursery and Reception admission points and prepares pupils for 7+/8+/11+/13+ exams for entry into top preparatory and senior schools. Set directly opposite Clapham Common, the school draws pupils from wide area of South West London and beyond.

The school’s 11+ and 13+ exit results demonstrate that it is consistently successful in placing boys into the UK’s top independent schools. From 2010 to 2022, over 35% of Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School pupils have left for Westminster, Eton, St Paul’s, King’s College Wimbledon or Dulwich. Pupils achieve scholarships every year, including, in the last two years, scholarships to Westminster, Harrow, King’s College Wimbledon, Tonbridge, Dulwich College, Charterhouse, Lancing and Hampton School.

Pupil wellbeing is important to all at Eaton House The Manor; staff prioritise the mental health of their pupils, as they believe that happy children achieve great results. In Reception and Year 1 boys are taught by their individual class teacher to ensure they are supported through the start of their schooling. From Year 2 onwards, specialist subject teaching promotes intellectual curiosity and encourages each pupil to pursue his interests beyond academics. A strong framework of pastoral care is formed by the House system, dedicated form tutors, and an extensive wellbeing hub.

The school’s proximity to Clapham Common allows for regular access to open green space that is somewhat rare amongst London schools. As a result, the school’s sports teaching is strong, with the traditional offering of football, rugby and cricket firm favourites. A plethora of extracurricular opportunities is available to the boys, with a frequently updated list of clubs that currently include Mandarin, Ballet and Basketball.

Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School is located on the same extensive 1.5 acre premises as Eaton House The Manor Girls’ School, making it possible for siblings to enjoy the benefits of a single sex education on one site. In their 2022 report, the Independent Schools Inspectorate found both Eaton House The Manor Boys’ and Girls’ Schools to be ‘excellent’ in all areas, which include “the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements” and “the quality of pupils’ personal development”.

Admissions: Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School does operate a sibling policy but, due to space restriction, no guarantee is made to offer every sibling a definite place.

Nursery and Reception

Entrance to Nursery at 2+, and Reception at 4+, is non-selective. Registration is accepted from birth and early application is advised. Pupils are welcomed to the Nursery in the September following their second birthday. The majority of Nursery pupils go on to attend Reception, where they are joined by those who register for 4+ entry.

Years 1 to 8

Children registered to join Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School after the initial Reception entry point will be invited to visit the school for an admissions assessment before a place can be offered (subject to availability). Prospective pupils are asked to complete a formal 8+ assessment for external entry into Year 4.

Exit Results: Boys can take the 7+, 8+, 11+ or 13+ exams for entry into leading preparatory and secondary schools. The school lists the ten most popular leavers’ destinations in their Exam Results brochure, which suggests great success in placing their boys into the UK’s most selective schools; Westminster School, Eton College, St Paul’s School, King’s College Wimbledon, Dulwich College, Winchester College, Tonbridge School, Harrow School, Radley College and Charterhouse School. The school is very transparent about their results; you can read a full list of their results from the last three years here.

If you would like to visit Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School please book an Open House here. To learn more, contact Miss Sam Feilding, Head of Admissions, on 020 3917 5050.

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