The Academy School, Hampstead

3 Pilgrims Place, Hampstead, NW3 1NG

customLogo.gifProfile: Founded in 1997 on the principle that children should first and foremost be happy, The Academy School in Hampstead is a co-educational prep school for boys and girls aged 6 – 13 with a strong focus on pastoral care and developing each child’s unique talents. It is generally understood to be more liberal than other North London “hothouses” – children and teachers are on first name terms, for example. The school offers a broad curriculum that takes into account the individual needs of pupils.There is a strong focus on English and Mathematics.  In addition, the Academy School syllabus includes Science, French, History, Geography Latin, Music, Art, Drama and PE.

You may find conflicting reviews of the schools from local parents, which tends to happen to liberal or alternative prep schools in London, so the best will be for you to visit the school yourself to know if you like the philosophy and vibe of the school!

Admissions: The school has a non-selective admissions policy and focuses on finding children who will thrive at the school:

We are very happy to welcome prospective parents at any time during the academic year and to show them around the school. After the visit, we will arrange for your child to spend around three hours at the school.  We do not set any formal entrance tests.  The purpose of the visit is to assess the potential of your child and to ensure that your child will benefit from the education we have to offer.

Exit Results: In 2023, the Academy School’s 20 pupils achieved offers from the following senior schools, among others:

  • City of London School: 3 offers
  • City of London School for Girls: 3 offers
  • Haberdasher Aske’s: 3 offers
  • Highgate School: 3 offers
  • St Paul’s Girls’ School: 2 offers (1 accepted)
  • North London Collegiate School: 3 offers
  • SHHS: 6 offers
  • UCS: 1 offer
  • Westminster School 13+: 2 offers

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