This section features London’s top pre-prep and prep schools. My aim is not to bombard you with a list of hundreds of private schools in London, but to feature only those that tend to be recommended based on research, school visits, parent reviews, inspection reports, and word of mouth.

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  1. Hi,
    I will be moving to Bath, Somerset with my 11 year old daughter. Can you please recommend the best private girl schools in the area. Thanks.

  2. If / when you expand the number of London preps listed I can thoroughly recommend King’s House School in Richmond. My boys have really enjoyed their time there. It is non-selective but very proud of all of its leavers destinations – unlike many other schools it publishes them showing results year by year.

  3. I’m mother of two kids my daughter in year 3 at Dorothy barley school in dagenham she is very clever girl her achievement as her teacher said in English like year 6 , she write story from nursery , I cant found privet school in this area , and if I move her to London will be far a way , I don’t know where I can start to move her really to privet school and look for scholarship , please I need advice

  4. My children went to the Montessori School in Lyndhurst Gardens, Hampstead. I cannot speak highly enough of the Montessori system of education (lots of joy, research, discipline without harshness and best of all, no exams!).

    Children enter at 2.5-3 yrs, and can stay through age 12.

    I think the elementary section of the school has been in operation since the mid-90’s (but I don’t know details). I do know that students from this school have gone on to get offers from St Pauls (girls), Haberdasher’s Askes’, Westminster, Channing, City of London, Mill Hill and possibly others (I’m not up-to-date).

    I’m sending this, because many people are not aware that Montessori education is available beyond age 6.

    Many thanks for your helpful site!

  5. Hi,

    I am looking for 5 top private school in bromely kent for my girls,aged 4 and 7. I wld most grateful if I can get one in that area or around the area .


  6. Hi,

    I am looking for 5 top private school in bromely kent for my girls,aged 4 and 7. I wld most grateful if I can get one in that area or around the area .


  7. Hi,
    I am looking for a list of 5 top prep schools for a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 8 around South Ken, Chelsea, Knightbridge, Westminster area…Could you please help me?
    Thanks very much!

  8. Hi
    We are looking for a North London pre-prep and distance-wise our only option is the difficult-to-get-into Highgate (the Hampstead side would be a difficult commute). I wondered whether you have come across Norfolk House in Muswell Hill? It doesn’t offer open days because it is so small, so we will only get a chance to have a look around on the day of our interview. The Independent Schools report seems good. I cannot find any more than a few mentions on Mumsnet and suchlike. Any thoughts?
    Thank you so much and please keep up your excellent work!

  9. Thank you for this help. I have received a big recommandation on GEMS Hampshire School for a 5 year old boy.
    Could you give your feedback on this school, in case you have any information?
    Thank you.
    Asun, an Spanish mum moving to London in 2 months time.

  10. hello i’m considering kew college what’s your view on this sch for an academically abled child? may i pls ask why you chose not to include kew college at your list? thank you so much in anticipation and thank you for setting this site up it has helped heaps!

    1. Hi Caroline, yes I hear a lot about this school, mostly good things! Very good in sports and extracurriculars from what I understand. It is definitely on my list of schools to add when I expand the list. watch this space.

  11. Joelle Pantalacci

    Good morning

    I am surprised not to see Queen’s gate school on your website.

    My daughter is taught at the school and it is such an inspiration to her .

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Joelle,

      thanks for your suggestion. I have indeed heard many good things about Queen’s Gate School from other parents as well. It definitely seems to be a very popular school. It’s really hard to make such a decision as for now we’ve kept the site to a relatively small number of schools. The choice of schools here is mainly based on exit results in terms of a school’s record to get pupils into the top secondary schools. Queen’s Gate of course has a junior and a senior school, so most girls would go on to its senior school, so I looked at the A-level results of the senior school, and while they are very good, they are not in the top 20 secondary schools in London and they did not make it to the top 200 UK secondary schools based on A-level results. And other schools featured here tend to place comparatively more pupils into those top schools. It’s an arguable choice because providing a well-rounded education, great pastoral care, strong arts and drama facilities etc. also count for a lot so when we expand the site to say 50 schools it would definitely be included as well, but I hope this gives you an understanding of how schools were selected for this site.

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