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2 thoughts on “Archives”

  1. Hi.. my family is moving to London in this summer. I have a 7 years old boy who is studying in highly gifted program in USA. I am looking similar program for him in London. As I searched in the school web-sites, admission are already closed for Sep 12 session. Can you please help in finding a good and appropriate school for him? Location is near and around central london.

    1. London Preprep

      Hi Asha, thanks for your comment! 7 years is actually the perfect age because at least in the private sector, a lot of admission happens through the 7+ and 8+ tests at that age. It is true that primary school admissions for Sep12 entry have been closed, but there is a process for in-year admissions. Are you looking for a private or a state school for your son? In the private sector, you have many schools that cater well to gifted boys and he might have a shot at a scholarship if he scores very high in the test. Check out The Hall or Arnold House school, these are private boys’ schools very much geared towards high achievers. If you’re looking in the state sector, there aren’t gifted programmes as such as in the United States, though each primary school is obliged to identify their gifted students and provide them with some enriched curriculum. Some schools are better at this than others. In year admissions are done by the council, so you would have to call the council you will live in and find out which school might have additional space for your son. Richmond is the London council with the best state schools. Once you know your council, I recommend checking primary school league tables (on BBC or Guardian websites) and sorting the schools in that council by the percentage of students who achieve level 5 (the highest) in Maths or English. These would be the schools with a large enough share of high achievers that they might be suitable for your son. Also, have you subscribed to my mailing list to check out the London Schools Guide? It might answer some additional questions. Let me know if you need any more help! I hope at least with this you can get started. Good luck!

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