Which prep schools feed Latymer Upper School?

Latymer Prep School in Hammersmith

There are 180 11+ places available at Latymer Upper School, although 40 of those are usually taken up by pupils moving up from Latymer Prep School. There is no further official list of feeders, but there is certainly a small group of schools that send a significant number of pupils to Latymer Upper School. 11+ entry tests at this school have become increasingly difficult in recent years, which is especially true for their Maths paper, according to recent test takers.

Latymer Upper School offers 2019 by prep school

Latymer Upper School offers 2018 by prep school

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1 thought on “Which prep schools feed Latymer Upper School?”

  1. Latymer parent

    Hi, I am not sure this is the proper way of looking at it. Bear in mind each of the Preps listed here have a different number of children showing up at the 11+. Ravenscourt Park is a 3 form school, far larger than most other preps. Chiswick and Bedford Park has 18 kids. Also since Latymer takes half boys and half girls, you cannot look at co-ed and single sex the same way.
    Essentially it’s very hard to get some proper meaning from this approach, a bit more digging and nuance is required.
    Finally the Latymer Prep didn’t send 40 kids in 2018, it was less.

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