Hereward House

14 Strathray Gardens, London NW3 4NY

Profile: Hereward House was founded as a preparatory school for boys aged 4-13 in 1951 and is accredited by the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools. It is located in Swiss Cottage, around the corner from The Hall School and Trevor-Roberts School. It is a small school, with a one form entry of 20 boys into Transition (the equivalent of Reception) at 4+.
The school’s aim is to provide a lively, stimulating and intellectually demanding education in a friendly and well disciplined environment. The Headmaster, Pascal Evans, joined school in late 2014 from Westminster Under School, where he was Head of Studies and of the Chess team.

Hereward House1The curriculum is varied and interesting, and almost every boy learns an instrument. Music is a particular strength at the school, as are STEM subjects: a double period is dedicated to each Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) separately each week, and boys study Maths every day. Boys are also taught French and Latin, and there are opportunities to learn Mandarin and Ancient Greek. Chess is taught as part of the curriculum one lesson a week in Year 2 and 3. By providing a happy and challenging environment, the school aims to meet the needs of the individual child, enabling him to reach the highest standards of personal achievement in both academic and non-academic fields. It is potentially a less pushy and more gentle school in the early years, though its 13+ results show that boys get as far as they possibly can by the end of their time here.

Hereward House2Admissions: Entry is at 4+ via an informal parent interview and gentle assessment of the child. As a small school, the process is personal and designed to ensure parents know the ethos and approach of the school and that there is a good match . Applications should be made well in advance and addressed to the Headmaster, Mr Evans. Prospective parents are invited to visit the school (with their sons) and should do so at least two years before the place is required. Boys are usually accepted in the September prior to their fifth birthday and are expected to stay until they are thirteen. This is very much a school that attracts families who are actively looking for a particular environment for their child, not those who try to game the system and switch elsewhere at 5+, 7+ or 11+. Due to relocations, there can be occasional vacancies in higher years, and boys are invited to spend a day at the school to see if they would be happy there.

Exit Results: 
Exit results for Hereward House are outstanding, particularly given its inclusive nature. Mr Evans is adamant that they are not only looking for academic high fliers but would get the best out of a wide range of children. The most popular senior school destination is City of London School, but each year several boys move on to Westminster School, St Paul’s, UCS, Highgate and Eton, as well as Mill Hill, Habs, Winchester and a range of other boarding schools.

2015 Leavers went to the following schools
UCS (2)
City of London School (4)
Westminster School (1)
Eton College (2)
St. Paul’s School (3)
Winchester College (1)
Mill Hill (3)
Haileybury School (1)
St. Edward’s School (1)

Particular achievements of the 2015 leavers
One boy won a Scholarship to St. Paul’s.
One boy won a Music Scholarship to Eton College.
One boy won an English award to Mill Hill

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