IB Diploma ranking London 2023

Below you can find the ranking of London secondary schools that offer the IB Diploma based on their summer 2023 results. The highly selective British schools come out on top, as always, which is not too surprising given their selection process.

But several state schools have managed to achieve equally strong results, along with a variety of international schools. The global IB point average was 32.0, so almost all London schools compare favourably. It helps that they have a much higher share of native English speakers than other international schools around the world. Congratulations to the Ashcroft Technology Academy in Putney which is the highest performing state school with an IB Diploma average of 38.0 points!

RankSchoolIB Score
1North London Collegiate School41.3
2King’s College School, Wimbledon41.1
3Godolphin & Latymer School40.7
4Whitgift School39.0
5Ashcroft Technology Academy (state)38.0
6Marymount International School36.0
7Southbank International School35.1
8Westminster Academy (state)35.0
9Dwight School North London35.0
10Bexley Grammar School, Bexley (state)34.0
11Halcyon School, Marble Arch34.0
12ICS London32.0
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