“We used Anke’s services in summer / fall of 2020 in advance of our planned relocation from Miami to London in summer 2021. Anke came highly recommended by common friends, and her business background adds a differentiating factor to the services she offers – she understands what busy professional couples need.

Anke is very knowledgeable about the London school market across different neighbourhoods and seems to be incredibly well connected with the schools. The process was very well structured and smooth. We had a long and thorough first call with Anke during which we discussed our family values, the most important aspects for us in our children’s education, what we privilege in a school and the London geographical focus. Within a couple of weeks Anke sent us a selected list of 8 – 10 schools which we subsequently analysed and discussed.

In our case we ended up placing both our children in one of the top-2 schools we selected thanks to Anke’s excellent relationship with the school and opportunistic approach. One of our children was accepted in late October following the scheduled Nursery interview process, the school accepted to accelerate the process for the second child, and by early November both children had been accepted. Anke’s advice and coaching was instrumental in advance of both interviews and in preparing additional material to supplement the family and children’s assessment. We are very happy with the speed and success of the process and very thankful to Anke for her incredible help. “
European family from Miami relocating to London

“My wife and I cannot thank Anke Gosch enough for all her support moving our two children back from New York to London. Anke listened to all of our needs, worked extremely closely with us at every stage, and was a very calming influence. Her company is incredibly efficient, well organised, taking care of every attention to detail at any time of the day or night irrespective of the time difference. On top of this, Anke is simply a lovely person!”
Jason Iley, Chairman and CEO of Sony Music UK

“Working with Anke has been amazing! She went above and beyond what I expected. We were initially looking for some advice about which schools to apply to, and after Anke provided us with some excellent and well thought-out information, she continued to follow-up and it was through this that we learned of a potential place for our daughter at the school of choice (we weren’t planning on applying since they didn’t have availability). She provided some useful information about the application process, and even offered to provide a contact who could help with tutoring!

I would absolutely recommend working with Anke to anyone!”
K. Alsaleh, from Dubai, U.A.E.

Trying to navigate the London school scene from abroad is difficult verging on impossible, so I turned to Anke, who, in under an hour, was able to distill the entire British educational system and to answer with perfect clarity the dozens of questions I’d been unable to resolve after several weeks of research. I was so impressed with how well-prepared Anke was for our conversation: she’d clearly taken the time to research bilingual schools, in which I’d mentioned an interest, and she presented the information in a manner that was as detailed as it was concise. Equally valuable to her deep knowledge are her listening skills and her sense of judgment; she was so quick to grasp our concerns and our priorities, tailioring her recommendations with a keen eye toward what meant the most to us. I was slightly skeptical about the neccessity of using a consultant to access information that (at least theoretically) should be publicly available, but I got off the phone feeling much better informed and more confident, wishing there were an Anke for every aspect of life.
Lauren, Switzerland

We were incredibly happy with all of the schools we got offers from and they all fit our personality and our aspirations for schools for our kids. We really appreciate the thought you put into school selection and the advice you’ve given us. All of these schools ticked all our boxes and we appreciate that’s not easy. We’re very grateful for your time and your thoughtfulness in this process.
Chris from New York, USA

“London Pre-Prep provided us with invaluable information and tailored timely advice which demystified the U.K school system and helped us secure places at a wonderful prep school that suited our family very well. Thank you for easing the stress of relocating to London with three school- aged children!”
Natasha from Sydney, Australia

“Relocating to London is not easy. Finding an ideal school is supposed to be the hardest and the most complicated part. In our case, we needed to find two schools. However, with Anke’s consultancy, it’s been the easiest and the most successful experience for us. Trust me, she made the whole process even easier than finding an apartment.

I got to know Anke by browsing her website that was recommended by many mums on the expat forums. Unlike many other fancy-look but not very informational websites of so-called prestigious educational consultancy entities, I found londonpreprep.com simple, informational, well organized and very reader friendly. You get REAL answers to what you really want to ask in your mind. Basically, I learned the UK educational systems and major schools within an hour by browsing it.

Since the website gave me a very good impression, I started to contact Anke via email. Of course, as expected, she replied promptly. Throughout the whole process of her help, she always replied promptly to any questions and always kept us updated at the first and the earliest opportunity. Imagine that you are dealing with all the school applications overseas with seven hours time difference, you really need someone who’s always THERE.

To my knowledge, with many other big educational consultancies, your case will be handled by a team. Don’t expect them to reply your emails after 5pm UK time. In that case, there will be many uncontrollable factors, and also many unnecessary communications. With many hours time difference, you wouldn’t want to work with someone who just sits at their desk from 9-5. Anke wrote me many emails after 10pm UK time. She really does take her responsibility to the highest standard.

Anke is truly professional. She made everything super easy for me. She did all she could to help. All I needed to do was to tell her my needs. And she just took very good care of all the rest. I didn’t need to contact the schools by myself. I didn’t even fill out the application forms for some schools. She knows all the major schools very well. She will write you very detailed emails explaining differences between schools and what you really need to know. She will also give your very sincere personal opinions if she were in your shoes. She is a very successful mum with two brilliant kids. Her suggestions cannot be wrong. She did not only help us finding schools, she also gave us many experienced suggestions for private violin private lessons, swimming and drama classes. And eventually, not surprising at all, we got into the DREAM DREAM schools for both of our kids.

Every expat family would have tons of worries about the whole moving process, but if you are lucky enough to know Anke, your kids will be well taken care of. She will make you feel that moving to London is the right thing!”

Lan L, moving from San Francisco to Notting Hill

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