Pembridge Hall

PHS_hat18 Pembridge Square, London W2 4EH

Profile: Pembridge Hall is a popular girls’ only preparatory school in Notting Hill linked to the Wetherby School. It has been part of the Alpha Plus Group of schools since 2006. It regained further popularity in 2009 when Claudia Schiffer’s daughter Clementine started her first term at the school (her older brother Caspar attends the Wetherby School). Due to its popularity, it does not let parents visit the school unless they already have  a confirmed place. The Independent Schools Inspectorate commends Pembridge Hall on the pupils’ outstanding personal development and excellent pastoral care. It is larger than some other girls’ prep schools with three-form entry of 60 girls in each year group. A special feature of the school is its LAMDA programme of music, drama and performing arts. It also offers a wide range of sports, including cricket, hockey and martial arts (“we are a girls’ school, but I don’t think we are a girly school“, says the headmaster!).

Admissions: Pembridge Hall admits on a first come, first served basis. It is recommended that applications for registration are sent within days of birth. Applications are then processed strictly by calendar month, to ensure an even distribution of birthdays throughout the year. Five places are allocated for each calendar month, followed by five waiting places. Thereafter, names are added to an ongoing, reserve waiting list.

Parents who have been allocated a definite place are invited to visit the school and meet the Headmaster during the Summer term, one year prior to entry, at which time a deposit is required to secure the place. Occasional places do come up in higher years, but are subject to an assessment.

Exit Results: Pembridge Hall leavers continue on at leading London day schools as well as boarding schools, with the majority moving to Godolphin & Latimer School, City of London School, St Paul’s School for Girls, Downe House and Wycombe Abbey (click here for a full list of senior school places). In 2016, 8 girls accepted places at St Paul’s Girls’ School. 8 moved to Godolphin & Latymer and 6 to Latymer Upper. 2 girls moved to Wycombe Abbey.

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