Overview of 11+ results 2016

Below is a comprehensive list of schools that have published their 11+ results for 2016 already:

Abercorn School
children received offers from the following schools:
Girls schools: City of London, Godolphin & Latymer, South Hampstead High School, St Paul’s Girls’ School
Boys schools: City of London, Colet Court, UCS, Wetherby
Co-ed schools: Highgate, Latymer Upper

Academy School Hampstead 11+

Outstanding 11+ girls’ results just in. So far, our girls have received offers from Channing School, City of London School for Girls, Francis Holland, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, North London Collegiate School, Queen’s College, Queen’s Gate, Queenswood, South Hampstead High School, and St Paul’s Girls’ School.

Bute House
Always eagerly awaited, Bute results never fail to impress. There were 58 candidates this year, achieving the following results:
St Paul’s Girls’ School 19 offers, 18 accepted
Godolphin & Latymer School 38 offers, 12 accepted
Latymer Upper School 19 offers, 6 accepted
Wycombe Abbey 11 offers, 5 accepted
other girls went to Francis Holland, Putney High, City and a range of others. Full results published here.

Cameron House, Chelsea
11+ offers include offers from 
City of London School for Girls
Colet Court
Dulwich College
Godolphin and Latymer
King’s Wimbledon
Latymer Upper
St. Paul’s Girls’ School
South Hampstead High School
Westminster Under

Devonshire House
awaiting boys’ results in June, 11+ offers for girls include:
NLCS 2, South Hampstead High School 3, Channing 9, Frances Holland NW1 9, City of London School for Girls 2, Habs Girls 1, Highgate 4, Latymer Upper School 1

Eaton House the Manor Girls’ School, Clapham
Offers include…
Alleyn’s 2
City of London 2
Godolphin & Latymer 3
Guildford High School 2
Putney High 4
Wimbledon High 1 (with academic scholarship)

Eaton Square School 11+
List of offers includes…
City of London Girls
City of London Boys
Downe House*
Dulwich College
Francis Holland, Regent’s Park
Francis Holland, Sloane Square
Godolphin and Latymer
Latymer Upper
Queen’s Gate
St Mary’s Ascot*
Tudor Hall*

and 11+ Pre Test results (* represents Boarding):
King’s College Wimbledon
King’s Canterbury*
St Paul’s

Falkner House
Excellent results this year from the 21 candidates. 4 girls to boarding school (1 St Mary’s Ascot, 1 Wycombe Abbey, 2 Cheltenham Ladies), 17 girls to London Day Schools. Of these 17, 3 accepted places at SPGS (out of 5 offers), 5 are going to Latymer Upper, 6 to Godolphin & Latymer, 1 to Francis Holland Sloane Square, 1 to Putney High School and 1 to Queen’s Gate. Girls won a total of 10 scholarships.

Fulham Prep School
accepted 11+ offers include Dulwich College 2, Godolphin & Latymer 4, Latymer Upper 3, King’s College Wimbledon 1, Putney High School 3, Francis Holland SW1 2, Emanuel School 2, More House 3, Queen’s Gate 1, St James Girls’ 1…

Garden House Girls’ School
Day schools: Broomwood Hall 1, Godolphin & Latymer 5, Marymount 3, North London Collegiate School 1, Putney High School 1
St Pauls School for Girls 3
Boarding schools: Cheltenham Ladies College 1, Beneden 1, Heathfield 1, St Marys Ascot 5, St Swithun’s School 2, Wycombe Abbey 2

Glendower Prep
32 candidates this year, 21 going to Day Schools, 11 going to boarding schools. 6 scholarships, 3 of those accepted.
Day school destinations: Francis Holland SW1 4, Godolphin & Latymer 4, St Paul’s Girs 2, Latymer Upper 2, NLCS 2
Boarding School destinations: Cheltenham Ladies 3, Wycombe Abbey 3, St Mary’s Ascot 2

Hampshire School, Chelsea
2o pupils sat 11+ exams, along with 13 children who took the 13+ (reported separately in 13+ results). 20 pupils achieved the following offers, among others (full details published here):
City of London Boys 1 (academic scholarship), Alleyn’s school 1, City of London Girls 2, Dulwich College 2 (Two Academic scholarships), Godolphin & Latymer 2, Latymer Upper School 2, Kings College Wimbledon 1, American School of London 1, The French Lycée 1, Wetherby Senior School 1

Hill House International Junior School
Excellent 11+ results for the 40 girls this year, boys’ results will be published in June following Common Entrance.
6 girls off to boarding school: 4 Cheltenham Ladies, 1 Wycombe Abbey, 1 Roedean
34 to London day schools: 4 to SPGS (3 accepted), 4 to Godolphin, 2 to Latymer Upper, 2 to JAGS, 1 Putney High, 1 Wimbledon High, 1 South Hampstead High, also 5 to Queen’s Gate, 7 to Francis Holland, 1 to More House, 3 to Queen’s College, 1 to Lady Margaret School. These are accepted offers only.

Kensington Prep
Spectacular results again like last year. 40 candidates winning 169 places between them with 27 scholarships. Offers include:
St Paul’s Girls’ School 11 offers (9 accepted)
City of London Girls 2 offers (1 accepted with academic scholarship)
Godolphin & Latymer 22 offers (7 accepted, including 1 music scholarship)
Latymer Upper 7 offers including academic scholarship (2 accepted)
Putney High 30 offers (!!! including 8 scholarships) (8 accepted, including 1 sports scholarship)
Tiffin Girls 1 offer
Wimbledon High 9 offers (including 4 scholarships) (2 accepted including 1 academic scholarship)
Wycombe Abbey 4 offers including music scholarship (1 accepted)

Kew College
Excellent results from this co-ed prep in Richmond as always. Highlights:
Co-ed offers: Kingston Grammar 13 offers, Latymer Upper 8 offers, Ibstock Place 13 offers
Boys: Colet Court 3 offers, Hampton School 5 offers, Tiffin School 1 offer
Girls: 7 LEH, 9 Putney High, 9 Godolphin & Latymer, 1 St Paul’s Girls School

Knightsbridge School
Girls achieved 10 offers from Francis Holland, 4 from Queen’s Gate, 1 from Latymer Upper, 3 from Godolphin & Latymer. 1 boys moved to Wetherby, another one to Emanuel, 1 to ASL at 11+.

Newton Prep School
30 pupils are staying at the school till 13+, so there are only 29 candidates leaving at 11+ this year. Their destinations include:
JAGS 5 (including 1 academic scholarship), Wimbledon High School 3 (including 1 academic scholarship), Emanuel 2, Francis Holland Sloane Square 1, Alleyn’s 1, Latymer Upper 1, Putney High 1, Queen’s Gate 1 (and a further list with one pupil each). No SPGS or CLSG offers this year, which is unusual for the school.

Notting Hill Prep
List of 11+ offers 2016: Brighton College, City of London Girls’ School, Cranleigh Prep, Downe House*, Emanuel, Francis Holland: NW1, Francis Holland: SW1, Godolphin and Latymer, Guildford High School, Highgate School, Kew House, Latymer Upper School, Notting Hill and Ealing, Queen’s College School, Queen’s Gate School, St Catherine’s School, Guildford, St James’s Independent School, St Mary’s Ascot, South Hampstead High School, Tormead School, Tudor Hall School, Woldingham*

Pembridge Hall
very strong 11+ results in 2016, below are places accepted by the 54 girls in Year 6
Godolphin & Latymer   8
Latymer Upper   6 (including 1 music scholarship)
Putney High 1
St Paul’s Girls’ School  8  (including 2 scholarships)
South Hampstead High 1 (including 1 scholarship)
Wycombe Abbey 2

The Roche School, Wandsworth
offers for the 31 candidates (17 boys and 14 girls) include…
Alleyn’s 4 (1 academic scholarship)
City of London 1
Dulwich College 4 (1 scholarship)
Dulwich Prep 1 (academic scholarship)
Emanuel 9 (1 scholarship)
King’s College 4
Kingston Grammar 2
Latymer Upper 2 (1 academic scholarship)
Putney High 2
St Paul’s/Colet Court 3
Tiffin 1
Tiffin Girls 1
Westminster Under 1
Whitgift 5

Queen’s Gate Junior School 11+

We are pleased to announce Queen’s Gate Junior School girls have been offered places at the following Day Schools: Queen’s Gate Senior School – including one Academic Scholarship, one All-Rounder Scholarship, and Mathematics Exhibition, English Exhibition and Art Exhibition awards.
London Day Schools:
City of London School for Girls, Godolphin & Latymer, Latymer Upper School, Queen’s College London, Francis Holland School, Putney High School and Wimbledon High School.
And the following Boarding Schools:
Wycombe Abbey School, St Swithun’s School, Benenden School (including one Scholarship), Cheltenham Ladies’ College and St Mary’s School Ascot.

Sarum Hall
11+ offers include..
6 City of London
5 NLCS (1 scholarship)
9 South Hampstead High School (3 scholarships)
1 St Paul’s
1 Wycombe Abbey

Thomas’s Kensington
The following are destination schools, so the number of offers by each school can be higher than the number accepted.
4 to Godolphin & Latymer, 4 to Francis Holland Sloane Square, 3 to Harrodian, 5 to Latymer Upper, 1 to South Hampstead High School, 2 to SPGS, 3 to Wetherby Senior School, 14 moving to Thomas’s Battersea for 13+ preparation.

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