Best secondary schools in London 2014

And the top secondary school in London is….  the St Paul’s Girls’ School (again)! The second place goes to Westminster School, followed by the North London Collegiate School. The data is based on the Telegraph’s 2014 independent school league table for all of England, but I included only London schools and have added a few more schools individually that were not included in that table (for example, St Paul’s School for Girls and also the Henrietta Barnett School, which is a state grammar school but can easily compete with the top independent schools). Only the Henrietta Barnett School and Tiffin Girls’ in Kingston made it into the top 20 from the state sector.

Top 20 London schools ranked by % of A*’s in 2014 GCSEs

Rank School % A* Gender
1 St Paul’s Girls’ School 94.0 Girls
2 Westminster School 88.0 Boys
3 North London Collegiate School 86.1 Girls
4 St Paul’s School 84.3 Boys
5 James Allen’s Girls’ School 80.8 Girls
6 Godolphin and Latymer School 74.7 Girls
7 King’s College School, Wimbledon 74.0 Boys
8 City of London School For Girls 73.7 Girls
9 Lady Eleanor Holles School 73.3 Girls
10 Haberdasher Aske’s Girls’ 71.1 Girls
11 Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys 69.4 Boys
12 Notting Hill and Ealing GDST 64.1 Girls
13 Latymer Upper School 63.8 Co-ed
14 City of London School 63.1 Boys
15 Tiffin Girls’ School 62.0 Girls
16 South Hampstead High School 61.2 Girls
17 Henrietta Barnett School 61.0 Girls
18 University College School 60.3 Boys
19 Alleyn’s School, Dulwich 58.5 Co-ed
20 Wimbledon High School GDST 57.4 Girls


I like these tables especially to interpret exit results of prep schools, all of which say their pupils go on to the top London senior schools. This table shows you there is still a big difference between schools in the top 5 and those in the 10-20 range.

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