Dates to watch for 2014 / 2015 school admissions

It’s been raining for a few days, so I am allowed to talk about the end of the summer holidays and the upcoming autumn term! Are you ready for the next school year! First of all, I have updated the schedule of Open Mornings of London prep schools, including everyone from the Abercorn School to Westminster Under! Make sure you mark your place if you are planning to do the rounds.

If you are applying for a 4+ place to start in September 2015, you are likely to start getting invites for assessments to be held between October to January (if you haven’t already). My daughter will sit hers in January.

If you are applying for a Reception place at state schools as well, there are more dates to watch: between September 1st and 8th, most councils will publish their “Starting Primary School 2014 / 2015” booklets, which will lay out admission arrangements and statistics. Also on Sep 1st, the eadmissions site will open for registration, so you can register to apply for a state school place. The application deadline will be 15 January 2015, and national offer day will take place on 16 April 2015 (unfortunately long after any private school admissions deadlines, so one will need to commit to private school before knowing the outcome of state school applications).

Another date I watch closely is the day new primary school league tables based on 2014 SATS results are published. This tends to take place at the beginning of December. I will write about it when the results are released. Let’s see if Fox Primary comes out on top again this year! You can see the 2013 results for community primary schools here.

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