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stmaryabbotsDon’t you love it when you look at league tables for the “best London state primary schools” and all you can find is lots of voluntary aided Roman Catholic (RC) and Church of England (CofE) schools that you have no hope of ever getting into because of church attendance criteria? Thank God, some voluntary aided schools are starting to change their admissions criteria and are starting to admit up to 50% of children from the local community. But in the case of most oversubscribed church schools, it is still impossible for children of the “wrong faith” or none to be admitted. This is why I have often been asked about a ranking of community primary schools that admit purely on the basis of distance.

Here is the list of London’s best state primary schools ranked by their average point score in the 2013 SATS tests that are carried out in Year 6. Keep in mind that schools with the highest average point score aren’t necessarily “the best” depending on what you’re looking for, but if you are looking for schools with high academic achievement among pupils (for whichever reason, be it quality of teaching or privileged student intake), these are the schools to target. For what it’s worth, here’s the data for London state primary schools:

School Borough Average Score
1. Fox Primary School Kensington and Chelsea 34.1
2. Vineyard School Richmond 33.5
3. Grinling Gibbons Primary Lewisham 33.0
4. Rhodes Avenue Primary School Haringey 32.9
5. Gordon Primary School Greenwich 31.9
6. North Ealing Primary School Ealing 31.9
7. Barnes Primary School Richmond 31.9
8. Sheen Mount Primary School Richmond 31.9
9. Kew Riverside Primary School Richmond 31.9
10. East Sheen Primary School Richmond 31.8
11. Thomas Jones Primary School Kensington and Chelsea 31.9
12. Brandlehow Primary School Wandsworth 31.8
13. Cherry Orchard Primary School Greenwich 31.7
14. John Betts Primary School Hammersmith and Fulham 31.7
15. Honeywell Junior School Wandsworth 31.6
16. Paxton Primary School Lambeth 31.6
17. Chesterton Primary School Wandsworth 31.6
18. Brooklands Primary School Greenwich 31.6
19. Hotham Primary School Wandsworth 31.6
20. Miles Coverdale Primary School Hammersmith and Fulham 31.6
21. Cardwell Primary School Greenwich 31.5
22. Wimbledon Chase Primary School Merton 31.5
23. Henry Cavendish Primary School Lambeth 31.5
24. John Ball Primary School Lewisham 31.4
25. Eleanor Palmer Primary School Camden 31.4

Wondering about school catchment areas? Look no further! Here’s a round up of catchment areas of London’s best state primary schools!

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  1. Hi, I don’t think this is an accurate list as I know of one Barnet primary school with an APS of at least 32 but it is not listed here. Am I missing something, is there another criteria being applied? Thanks.

    1. yes it is APS – are you referring to Woodridge Primary? This ranking includes mostly Central London primaries where the borders may be debatable, but we didn’t include Edgware or Harrow either, and Woodridge seems quite far out as well, but you’re right it is technically part of London and has an APS beyond 32.7, higher than Brookland Junior.

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