Falkner House opens a new boys’ pre-prep school in Earls Court!

While Central London seems awash with excellent girls’ prep schools, there has for a long time be a shortage of excellent boys’ pre-preps, which is why competition for places at Wetherby or the popular co-educational prep schools is so intense. It is great news then that Falkner House is starting a prep school for boys aged four to eleven (that will also prepare boys for the 7+ and 8+ exams), following their recent acquisition of 20 Penywern Road, SW5. We will be starting in September 2017 for reception with the school growing year on year. Falkner House has spent years searching for an ideal building for this venture and feels confident that the new site is perfect. Just south of Earl’s Court station and only a 10 minute walk from Brechin Place, it is a large 19th century building with space for a playground at the back. 20 Penywern already has character and, after 18 months of builders, it will have style!
Falkner House has always been a family business and the new school will be no exception with Mrs Anita Griggs as principal and her daughter, Mrs Eleanor Dixon MA (Cantab.) as headteacher. Mrs Dixon was educated at Falkner House, St Paul’s Girls’ School and Cambridge. She worked as a lawyer at a City firm before joining Falkner House in 2011 following the birth of her oldest son Barnaby. At Falkner House Mrs Dixon works in all areas of the school with particular focus on lower school maths and preparing children for the 11+ process. Mrs Griggs remains as headteacher at Brechin Place where she will continue to work closely with and alongside her daughter Mrs Flavia Rogers BA PGCE.

There is a historical aspect to this development – Mrs Griggs’ father, Humphrey Nunes ran Falkner House Boys’ School at 19 Pembridge Villas, W11 for many years. After his death, the building and school were sold and the family is thrilled to be able to play their part once again in London boys’ education.
The new Falkner House will have the strengths of the original: small, family run and personal, with exceptional teachers, a broad curriculum and the best fundamental educational principles at the heart of the school. There will be the same emphasis placed on camaraderie, good manners and kindness. Every child should have the right both to a happy childhood and the very best education, with the importance of the academics balanced by sport, music and art. Boys will develop their strengths without being hot-housed; they will be prepared for the best possible schools for them at 7+, 8+ or 11+ in a sympathetic and supportive fashion. The registration list is now open!
Should you be interested please call the office at Brechin Place on 020 7373 4501 for more information. The school will also be organising group meetings to take place in the spring at Falkner House Brechin Place. This is to give people the opportunity to talk to Mrs Dixon and Mrs Griggs about the new school and to ask any questions.

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