Leading feeder schools to Westminster School

Westminster School publishes a list of its 13+ feeder schools, and as a leading boys’ day school in London, it will give parents a very good idea about the top prep schools in London. A large majority of boys (about 50-60 each year) come from the Westminster Under School and its 7+/8+ and 11+ intake (the list of which is not published, unfortunately). Westminster School publishes its feeder prep schools annually in its admission booklet. You will find the information for 2015 and 2014 below. Full 2016 data has not been published yet, but based on 2016 exit results already published by the prep schools, the following prep schools have sent pupils to Westminster at 13+ this year:

  • Westminster Under School: 54
  • The Hall School, Hampstead: 12 (3 in 2017)
  • Hill House School, Knightsbridge: 5
  • Dulwich Prep: 3
  • Hereward House School, Hampstead: 3
  • Sussex House: 3 (2 in 2017)
  • Thomas’s Battersea: 3
  • Arnold House School: 2
  • Eaton House the Manor: 2 (2 in 2017)
  • St Anthony’s Prep, Hampstead: 2 offers at 13+ but pupils chose other schools
  • Devonshire House, Hampstead: 1
  • Knightsbridge School: 1
  • Lyndhurst House, Hampstead: 1
  • Newton Prep, Battersea: 1
  • Notting Hill Prep: 1
  • Wetherby Prep: 1

The following is a list of London preparatory schools that have been successful in sending at least two boys to Westminster School at 13+ in 2015:

Feeder School # in 2015
Westminster Under School 57
The Hall School (Hampstead) 11
Dulwich Prep 8
Hill House Interational School 6
St Anthony’s Hampstead 4
Sussex House 3
Westminster Cathedral Choir School 3
Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School 2
Northwood Prep 2
St Paul’s Cathedral School 2
Shrewsbury House School 2
Trevor-Roberts School 2

And here is the same data for 2014 for comparison.

Feeder School # in 2014
Westminster Under School 57
The Hall (Hampstead)  9
Arnold House (Hampstead) 4
Dulwich Prep (Dulwich) 2
Eaton House the Manor (Clapham) 2
Hereward House (Hampstead) 2
Hill House (Knightsbridge) 2
Lyndhurst House (Hampstead) 2
St Anthony’s (Hampstead) 2
Sussex House (Chelsea) 2
St Paul’s Cathedral School 2
St Philipp’s (South Kensington) 2
Thomas’s (Battersea) and Thomas’s (Clapham) 2
Trevor-Roberts School (Hampstead) 2
Wetherby Prep (Marylebone) 2

followed by a longer list of schools that gained just one place at the Westminster School, which you can find on p.16 of this Westminster School Information Booklet.

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4 thoughts on “Leading feeder schools to Westminster School”

    1. thanks for your comment. This is the date published by Westminster School which is based on 2013 results. I could update Dulwich, but then it won’t be comparable to all the others anymore. I will likely update once Westminster School updates the full table.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We are both right :-). The 13+ list for Westminster School refers to 2011 – they have not updated the full list of feeders for 2012.

      Wetherby has now updated their 2012 results – so on your link you can see they sent 3 to Westminster in 2012, but only one in 2011, which matches the info given by Westminster School exactly. Wetherby had a very strong year in 2012.

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