Leading feeder schools to Eton College

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Eton College is one of the most sought after boarding school choices for boys in the UK, and I have recently been asked several times to compile a list of London schools that best prepare for entry to Eton College. Do keep in mind that some boarding prep schools are generally considered the more traditional feeders. To put the below numbers in perspective, be aware that Ludgrove and Cothill House send about 10 boys to Eton every year, Summerfields about 15 (17 in 2017), Papplewick 5 – 10, and Caldicott around 5-8.

Full 2017 data has not been published yet, but based on 2016 exit results already published by the prep schools, the following prep schools have sent pupils to Eton Collge at 13+ this year:

  • Sussex House 14 (16 in 2017)
  • Cothill House 11 (5 in 2017)
  • Wetherby Prep 9 (7 in 2017)
  • Westminster Under School 8
  • The Hall School, Hampstead 7 (3 in 2017)
  • Eaton House the Manor 4 (4 in 2017)
  • Dulwich Prep 3
  • Newton Prep 2 (1 in 2017)
  • Northcote Lodge 2 (1 in 2017)
  • Thomas’s Battersea 2 (2 in 2017)
  • Hill House 2 (3 in 2017)
  • Arnold House School 1 (2 in 2017)
  • Eaton Square School 1
  • Hereward House 1
  • King’s House School 1 (2 in 2017)
  • St Anthony’s Prep 1 (2 in 2017)
  • Westminster Cathedral Choir School 1 (3 in 2017)

The top London feeder schools are (in brackets the number of boys who went to Eton in the most recent year, if available, which is usually 2015, failing that 2014):

Keep in mind obviously that it is easier for larger schools to have a higher number of boys going on to Eton. It also doesn’t mean that you cannot get into Eton from other schools, as the entrance test weighs heavily in the admissions decision. It does help though to go to a school that has a track record of sending at least some boys to Eton, as this means the headmaster will have a relationship with Eton College and that boys might move on to boarding schools alongside their friends.

Outside of London, prep schools that commonly send boys to Eton at 13+ are Dragon School, Ludgrove, Horris Hill, Sunningdale, Summerfields, Shrewsbury House, Papplewick and a wide range of others.

Eton College publishes the full list of all schools in the UK that send a significant number of children to Eton here.

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