GCSE results 2022: London’s top 100 schools

Henrietta Barnett School

25 August 2022 was #GCSEresultsday2022! Below is a ranking of all London schools that have released their results so far. 6 of the top 10 schools are girls’ schools and 9 in the top 10 are private schools. Below are the top 100. If it is A-level results 2022 you are looking for, click here.

The highly selecive St Paul’s Girls’ School is ranked first, as so often, closely followed by the grammar school Henrietta Barnett School in Hampstead Garden Suburb, which would be in the top spot if ranked by % of grades a A-A*. The top ranked boys’ school this year is St Paul’s School in Barnes.

Below is the ranking of the top 100 London secondary schools by ranked by percentage of grades at A*:

 School% 8-9% 7-9TypeGender
1St Paul’s Girls’ School94.5%98.2%privateGirls
2Henrietta Barnett School94.0%99.8%stateGirls
3St Paul’s School94.0%98.9%privateBoys
4North London Collegiate School94.0%98.0%privateGirls
5City of London School for Girls92.3%99.0%privateGirls
6Westminster School92.0%98.0%privateBoys
7King’s College School90.9%97.7%privateBoys
8Godolphin & Latymer School89.0%98.3%privateGirls
9City of London School86.0%97.0%privateBoys
10Lady Eleanor Holles86.0%95.0%privateGirls
11Queen Elizabeth School85.8%95.5%stateBoys
13Latymer Upper School85.2%95.0%privateCo-ed
14Wilson’s Grammar School85.0%95.0%stateBoys
15Tiffin Girls84.9%94.9%stateGirls
16Habs Boys83.8%94.7%privateBoys
17Hampton School82.0%95.0%privateBoys
19South Hampstead High School81.0%94.0%privateGirls
20Francis Holland SW180.0%94.0%privateGirls
22Wimbledon High80.0%92.0%privateGirls
23Habs Girls79.4%91.0%privateGirls
24Newstead Wood School79.0% stateGirls
25Trinity School78.9%93.0%privateBoys
26Dulwich College78.0%93.0%privateBoys
27Latymer School, Edmonton77.1%91.6%stateCo-ed
28Notting Hill & Ealing High77.0%92.0%privateGirls
29UCS, Hampstead77.0%90.0%privateBoys
30Wallington High School for Girls76.7%91.2%stateGirls
31Merchant Taylor’s School76.3%92.6%privateBoys
33Whitgift School76.0%91.0%privateBoys
34Kingston Grammar School75.0%92.0%privateCo-ed
35Putney High School75.0%90.0%privateGirls
36Surbiton High School72.1%90.1%privateGirls
37Emanuel School71.0%89.0%privateCo-ed
38Ibstock Place70.3%88.7%privateCo-ed
39St Helen’s70.0%90.0%privateGirls
40Nonsuch High School68.8%87.4%stateGirls
41Channing School68.0%87.7%privateGirls
42St Michael’s Grammar67.6%85.4%stateGirls
43Queen’s Gate66.4%79.6%privateGirls
44Tiffin School66.2%84.0%stateBoys
45Sutton High School66.0%86.0%privateGirls
46Sutton Grammar School65.5%82.9%stateBoys
47Eltham College65.0%85.0%privateCo-ed
48Queen’s College63.0%81.0%privateGirls
49Colfe’s School63.0%80.0%privateCo-ed
50Bromley High School GDST60.0%80.0%privateGirls
51Croydon High School GDST60.0%78.0%privateGirls
52Blackheath High School GDST60.0%77.0%privateGirls
53Francis Holland NW159.0%85.0%privateGirls
54Sydenham High, GDST57.0%75.0%privateGirls
55Ilford County High School56.7%76.0%stateBoys
56Streatham and Clapham High56.5%81.3%privateGirls
57Wallington Country Grammar School53.9%75.3%stateCo-ed
58Townley Grammar School53.0%74.0%stateGirls
59Wetherby Senior School52.0%75.0%privateBoys
60Harrodian School51.0%77.0%privateCo-ed
61Bexley Grammar School50.0%75.0%stateCo-ed
62Hampton Court House50.0%73.0%privateCo-ed
63St Margaret’s School49.6%61.0%privateGirls
64Beths Grammar School49.0%70.0%stateBoys
65St Benedict’s School47.6%69.1%privateCo-ed
66St Dunstan’s College47.0%69.0%privateCo-ed
67Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar46.4%69.7%stateBoys
68Park School for Girls 44.7% privateGirls
69Grey Coat Hospital44.3%62.0%stateGirls
70Woodford County High School44.0%87.0%stateGirls
71St Augustine’s Priory42.0%69.0%privateCo-ed
72St James Girls’ School40.8%61.0%privateGirls
73Camden School for Girls40.0%59.0%stateGirls
74Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School39.7%57.9%stateCo-ed
76John Lyon School38.0%60.9%privateBoys
77Alexandra Park School38.0%58.0%stateCo-ed
78Northbridge House Canonbury38.0%57.0%privateCo-ed
79Mill Hill School37.8%60.0%privateCo-ed
80Twyford Church of England School37.2%58.0%stateCo-ed
81Parliament Hill School37.0%55.0%stateGirls
82Royal Russell School36.9%58.1%privateCo-ed
83Sacred Heart High School36.9%56.0%stateGirls
84St Catherine’s Twickenham36.0%57.0%privateGirls
85The London Oratory School36.0%54.0%stateCo-ed
86Radnor House35.3%62.0%privateCo-ed
87Bollingbroke Academy35.0%55.0%stateCo-ed
88Waldegrave School34.6%54.0%stateGirls
89Fortismere School34.0%54.0%stateCo-ed
90West London Free School32.9%49.0%stateCo-ed
91Northbridge House Hampstead32.0%51.0%privateCo-ed
92Lady Margaret School32.0%51.0%stateGirls
93Wren Academy, Barnet32.0%51.0%stateCo-ed
94King Alfred School31.0%52.0%privateCo-ed
95Orleans Park School30.0%50.0%stateCo-ed
96Holy Cross School29.0%49.0%stateGirls
97DLD College29.0%49.0%privateCo-ed
98Nower Hill School28.3%46.0%stateCo-ed
99Teddington School27.0%40.0%stateCo-ed
100The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School 26.5%44.0%stateCo-ed

40 thoughts on “GCSE results 2022: London’s top 100 schools”

  1. Pls can you update the list?

    Nonsuch high school for girls


    9-8 – 68.8

    9-7 – 87.4

    9-6 – 96.2

    9-5 – 99.1

    Looks like #39

  2. St Olaves, At GCSE, 91.0% of the grades
    secured by pupils were grades 9-7, with
    51% being at 9 and 77% being at 9/8,
    St olaves Oxbridge : 37

  3. Tiffin Girl’s School have now published 2022 results

    84.9% 8-9
    94.9% 7-9

    That would place them 14th above just behind Wilson’s Grammar School, and the 4th state school on the list.

    1. Tiffin Girls have not released their results yet, feel free to share them if you have them. They have not been updated on their website or communicated on their social media channels unlike other schools.

    1. Thanks. Looks like they have been hiding their results this year. In 2021 teacher assessment 83.9% was given to grade 8 and 9.

  4. You might missed Notting Hill & Ealing High School GDST, they got 77% grades 9 or 8, and 92% of all exams were awarded grades 9-7. They should be ranked No.23 to 24.

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