February 2016

Overview of 11+ results 2016

Below is a comprehensive list of schools that have published their 11+ results for 2016 already: Abercorn School children received offers from the following schools: Girls schools: City of London, Godolphin & Latymer, South Hampstead High School, St Paul’s Girls’ School Boys schools: City of London, Colet Court, UCS, Wetherby Co-ed schools: Highgate, Latymer Upper Academy …

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Overview of 7+/8+ results 2016

It is still very early days but the first pre-prep schools have started releasing their 7+ results. This post will be updated as schools release their results. Children’s House Upper School, Islington accepted offers include… City of London School for Girls    2 Highgate  1 Northbridge House 6 South Hampstead High School 1 St Paul’s …

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Insights into the 11+ exam

Guest post by MaiHanh DeLorenzo, Metal Rocks Education Advisors (see further info and bio below) When Anke asked me to write about the 11+ exam, my first response was that it was like trying to write another Churchill biography, that is: What new is there left to say? But then, realising that new Churchill biographies come out …

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