London’s best state primary schools 2014

fox primaryThe deadline to apply for state school places in Reception is looming on 15 January, so it is timely that the Department for Education published the 2014 SATS results, which form the basis for primary school league tables, just before the Christmas holidays. Here is a league table of London’s best performing state primary schools ranked by their average point score in the 2014 SATS tests that are carried out in Year 6. Keep in mind that schools with the highest average point score aren’t necessarily “the best” depending on what you’re looking for, but if you are looking for schools with high academic achievement among pupils (for whichever reason, be it quality of teaching or privileged student intake), these are the schools to target. If you can realistically gain a place here is another matter, check here for a round-up of catchment areas of London’s best performing state primary schools. And don’t worry if you don’t see your local primary school listed here, this is just a top 50 list (for example, the well known and outstanding Honeywell and Coleridge Schools, for example, did not even make the top 50 according to the league tables), and there are many more outstanding and high performing schools. You will find the link to the full primary school league tables at the bottom of this article.

School Borough Average Score
1. Fox Primary School Kensington and Chelsea 34.7
2. Newton Farm School Harrow 34.4
3. Hampden Gurney CofE Primary School Westminster 34.1
4. Barnes Primary School Richmond 33.2
5. Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School Wandsworth 33.2
6. Brindishe Lee Lewisham 33.1
7. Sheen Mount Primary School Richmond 33.1
8. Akiva School Barnet 33.1
9. Bishop Gilpin CofE Primary School Merton 33.0
10. The Queen’s Church of England Primary School Richmond 33.0
11. Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead Camden 33.0
12. All Saints’ CofE Primary School, Putney Wandsworth 32.9
13. St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Southwark 32.9
14. The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overie Southwark 32.9
15. Rhodes Avenue Primary School Haringey 32.9
16. Courtland School Barnet 32.8
17. Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Lambeth 32.7
18. St Stephen’s CofE Primary School Hammersmith and Fulham 32.7
19. Soho Parish CofE Primary School Westminster 32.7
20. Curwen Primary and Nursery School Newham 32.6
21. St Mary’s Walthamstow CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School Waltham Forest 32.6
22. St Mary’s Catholic Primary School ,Chiswick Chiswick 32.5
23. St Mary’s CofE Primary School Wandsworth 32.5
24. St Joseph RC Primary School Kensington & Chelsea 32.5
25. Bygrove Primary School Tower Hamlets 32.5
26. Independent Jewish Day School Barnet 32.5
27. Eversley Primary School Enfield 32.5
28. Halstow Primary School Greenwich 32.4
29. Horn Park Primary School Greenwich 32.4
30. Deansfield Primary School Greenwich 32.4
31. St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School Richmond 32.4
32. St Margaret’s Lee CofE Primary School Lewisham 32.4
33. Wykeham Primary School Brent 32.3
34. Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School Wandsworth 32.3
35. Marshgate Primary School Richmond 32.3
36. Thomas Jones Primary School Kensington and Chelsea 32.2
37. St Monica’s RC Primary School Enfield 32.2
38. Cherry Orchard Primary School Greenwich 32.2
39. Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School Greenwich 32.2
40. Grove Park Primary School Chiswick 32.2
41. St Joseph’s RC Primary School Westminster 32.1
42. St Peter’s CofE Primary School Hammersmith and Fulham 32.1
43. Christ Church Church of England Primary School Greenwich 32.1
44. Servite RC Primary School Hammersmith and Fulham 32.1
45. Belmont Primary School Chiswick 32.1
46. Colville Primary School Kensington and Chelsea 32.1
47. Eleanor Palmer Primary School Camden 32.1
48. Northwold Primary School Hackney 32.1
49. Paxton Primary School Lambeth 32.1
50. The Vineyard School Richmond 32.1

Wondering about school catchment areas? Look no further! Here’s a round up of catchment areas of London’s best state primary schools! Also, if you want to view the results for your local council, which will be more meaningful and give you all the data you need, you can view the 2014 league tables on the Telegraph Education website.

6 thoughts on “London’s best state primary schools 2014”

  1. The list doesn’t seem complete as it omits certain London boroughs. For example where are the schools from the London Borough of Havering?

  2. Hello,
    Do you know where the boy and girl from Fox go?
    And how difficult is it to go to a good private school after Fox (for example a school like Bute house or Westminster under)? I am trying to figure out what is best between Notting private schools (pembridge Hall and Wetherby pre prep) vs Fox

    1. Fox used to publish the list of their destinations, if you ask the school they will provide it. A few boys move to St Paul’s Junior, girls more likely Godolphin or Latymer Upper. Most stay in the state sector and go to Holland Park School. If you want to go private after, you will likely have to do outside tutoring to prepare for entrance exams.

  3. Hi, do you provide service to help relocated family from aboard to register for the state primary school? we wish to stay in chiswick and send my 5years old son to Belmont or grovepark primary. what’s your charges? thank you

  4. Hello
    Firstly, let me thank you for all the information that you have shared on this site. For a foreigner coming to the UK with kids, your site is very helpful!

    I was wondering if you could assist us as well…….we have three kids, two in primary and one in secondary school and we would like all three of them to go to the same school as we feel that it will be easier to adjust in a new country if they are at the same institution.

    I am trying to research state/local council schools in London that are co-education, community based (non religious) and offer both primary and secondary schooling. Is there any website that would give list of such schools? We will probably decide on where to live once we can get some clarity around schooling options.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help! Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,

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