Ranking of London state primary schools 2015

fox primaryThe deadline to apply for state school places in Reception is looming on 15 January, so it is timely that the Department for Education published the 2015 SATS results, which form the basis for primary school league tables, just before the Christmas holidays. Here is a league table of London’s best performing state primary schools ranked by their average point score in the 2015 SATS tests that are carried out in Year 6. Keep in mind that schools with the highest average point score aren’t necessarily “the best” depending on what you’re looking for, but if you are looking for schools with high academic achievement among pupils (for whichever reason, be it quality of teaching or privileged student intake and tutoring for 11+ entrance exams), these are the schools to target. If you can realistically gain a place here is another matter, check here for a round-up of catchment areas of London’s best performing state primary schools. And don’t worry if you don’t see your local primary school listed here, this is just a top 50 list (for example, the well known and outstanding Honeywell and Coleridge School, for example, did not even make the top 50 according to the league tables), and there are many more outstanding and high performing schools.

  School Borough Denomination Ave. Score
1 Fox Primary School Kensington & Chelsea None 34.5
2 Barnes Primary School Richmond None 34.1
3 St Peter’s Catholic Primary School Greenwich Roman Catholic 33.9
4 Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School Greenwich Roman Catholic 33.4
5 Hampden Gurney CofE Primary School Westminster Church of England 33.1
6 St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Chiswick Hounslow Roman Catholic 33.1
7 Newton Farm Junior School Harrow None 33.1
8 St Joseph’s RC Primary School Westminster Roman Catholic 33
9 Rhodes Avenue Primary School Haringey None 33
10 Akiva School Barnet Jewish 32.9
11 Holy Ghost Catholic Primary School Wandsworth Roman Catholic 32.9
12 The Blue School CofE Hounslow Church of England 32.9
13 Dundonald Primary School Merton None 32.8
14 The Vineyard School Richmond None 32.8
15 St Stephen’s CofE Primary School Hammersmith & Fulham Church of England 32.8
16 Sheen Mount Primary School Richmond None 32.8
17 The Queen’s Church of England Primary School Richmond Church of England 32.8
18 St Barnabas and St Philip’s CofE Primary School Kensington & Chelsea Church of England 32.8
19 St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School Brent Roman Catholic 32.8
20 St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School Harrow Roman Catholic 32.7
21 Curwen Primary and Nursery School Newham None 32.7
22 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Southwark Roman Catholic 32.7
23 The London Oratory School Hammersmith & Fulham Roman Catholic 32.7
24 Fairlawn Primary School Lewisham None 32.7
25 Deansfield Primary School Greenwich None 32.7
26 Bannockburn Primary School Greenwich None 32.6
27 The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overy Southwark Church of England 32.6
28 Hollymount School Merton None 32.6
29 All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Lewisham Church of England 32.6
30 St James RC Primary School Bromley Roman Catholic 32.6
31 St George’s, Bickley, Primary School Bromley Church of England 32.5
32 Paxton Primary School Lambeth None 32.5
33 Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, East Finchley Haringey Church of England 32.5
34 Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Lambeth Roman Catholic 32.5
35 Thomas Jones Primary School Kensington & Chelsea None 32.5
36 St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School Richmond Roman Catholic 32.5
37 Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Tottenham Haringey Church of England 32.5
38 Halstow Primary School Greenwich None 32.4
39 John Ball Primary School Lewisham None 32.4
40 Servite RC Primary School Kensington & Chelsea Roman Catholic 32.4
41 Brandlehow Primary School Wandsworth None 32.4
42 Hayes Primary School Bromley None 32.4
43 Grafton Primary School Islington None 32.3
44 St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School Bermondsey Roman Catholic 32.3
45 Brooklands Primary School Greenwich None 32.3
46 Chingford Hall Primary School Waltham Forest None 32.2
47 Henry Cavendish Primary School Lambeth None 32.2
48 Millennium Primary School Greenwich None 32.2
49 Bousfield Primary School Kensington & Chelsea None 32.2
50 North West London Jewish Day School Brent Jewish 32.2
51 Crofton Junior School Bromley None 32.2
52 Marlborough Primary School Harrow None 32.2

Also, if you want to view the results for your local council, which will be more meaningful and give you all the data you need, you can view the 2015 league tables on the Telegraph Education website.

6 thoughts on “Ranking of London state primary schools 2015”

  1. Hi, your list is not complete as it ignores many high performing primaries in outer London boroughs such as Bromley, Havering, Harrow, and so on. It’s ironic that you included Hounslow but excluded the above.

    I would suggest this list http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/group.pl?qtype=GOR&superview=pri&view=aat&set=3&tab=2&no=H&sort=ks2_15.taps&ord=desc

    In addition, many people would enquire about non-faith primary schools, especially among the international parents, I would suggest using the above list, click on Filters, which is next to Guidance/Download Data/Share and choose Does not Apply under Religious Denomination. The list would be like this http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/group.pl?qtype=GOR&superview=pri&view=aat&set=3&sort=ks2_15.taps&ord=desc&tab=2&no=H

  2. I don’t understand this table, there are schools with higher average scores in London that are not on the list. E.g. Hayes School in Bromley – the Telegraph website shows it has an average score of 32.4, yet it’s not in this list whereas schools with a lower score are.

    1. This will be included shortly! The tables are published by local authority, so a London wide ranking needs to be compiled manually, in this case one school has been omitted

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