Overview of 11+ results 2017

We are still awaiting publication from a few important prep schools – Thomas’s, Bute House and Hill House to name but a few. Below is a comprehensive list of schools that have published their 11+ results for 2017 already. This will be updated as soon as additional results are published. For those looking for a specific St Paul’s Girls’ School feeder list, please see the end of this post for an overview by destination school.

Academy School Hampstead 11+ offers

City of London School for Girls 1, Habs boys 1, Habs girls 1, Highgate 2, SHHS 3, St Paul’s Girls’ 1, UCS 2, Westminster 1

Bute House
56 girls this year, achieving the following offers: St Paul’s Girls’ School 15 (all accepted), Godolphin & Latymer 35 (9 taken up), Latymer Upper 22 offers (10 taken up), 7 girls heading to Francis Holland and 3 to Wycombe Abbey, plus 12 girls to a variety of other schools

Cameron House School, Chelsea
Destination schools pupils have chosen at 11+ include Dunhurst (Bedales), Eaton Square Upper School, Mayfair, Francis Holland SW1, Francis Holland NW1, Harrodian, Holland Park, Godolphin and Latymer, Latymer Upper School, Sevenoaks School, St Mary’s Ascot, Whitgift School

Falkner House
Excellent results this year as always. 3 girls to boarding school (2 St Mary’s Ascot, 1 Downe House), 18 girls to London Day Schools. Of these 18, 5 accepted places at SPGS (out of 6 offers), 7 are going to Godolphin & Latymer, 1 to Henrietta Barnett School, 1 to Greycoat, 1 to Putney High and 3 to Queen’s Gate.

Garden House
Francis Holland Sloane Square 9, Godolphin & Latymer 5, St Paul’s Girls’ School 1, Queen’s Gate 2, Heathfield 2, Wycombe Abbey 1, Thomas’s Battersea 1

Glendower Prep
32 candidates this year, 21 going to Day Schools, 11 going to boarding schools as in 2016.
Day school destinations: St Paul’s Girls 6, Godolphin & Latymer 5, NLCS 2, Putney High 2, SHHS 2, various others 4
Boarding School destinations: Wycombe Abbey 6, St Mary’s Ascot 2, plus 1 each to Benenden, Downe House, Woldingham

The Hampshire School, Chelsea
11+ offers for 10 candidates: St Paul’s Girls’ School 1, North London Collegiate School 1, Latymer Upper 2, King’s College Wimbledon 2, City of London Boys’ School 2 (including 1 academic scholarship), Francis Holland Sloane Square 3, Putney High 1, Wellington College 1

Hill House International Junior School
given the large number of candidates at London’s biggest prep school, a selection of the most common destinations is given
girls destinations: 10 Francis Holland SW1, 5 Queen’s Gate, 4 JAGS, 3 St Paul’s, 3 Putney High, 2 Latymer Upper, 2 Godolphin & Latymer, 1 City of London
boys destinations: 7 Wetherby Senior, 6 Eaton Square Upper, 6 Dulwich College, 4 King’s College Wimbledon, 4 Charterhouse, 3 Eton, 3 St Paul’s, 2 UCS, 1 Westminster School

Kensington Prep
Offers for the 40 candidates include:
St Paul’s Girls’ School 4 offers
City of London Girls 4 offers
Godolphin & Latymer 14 offers
Putney High 18 offers
Henrietta Barnett 1 offer
Wimbledon High 5 offers
Wycombe Abbey 4 offers including 1 academic scholarship
St Mary’s Ascot 1 offer
Cheltenham Ladies College 2 offers

Kew College
Excellent results from this co-ed prep in Richmond as always. Highlights:
Co-ed offers: Kingston Grammar 16 offers, Latymer Upper 8 offers, Ibstock Place 16 offers
Boys: St Paul’s Junior 1 offers, Hampton School 8 offers, Tiffin School 1 offer
Girls: 5 LEH, 8 Putney High, 6 Godolphin & Latymer, 2 St Paul’s Girls School

Knightsbridge School
SPGS 1, Godolphin & Latymer 3 offers, Latymer Upper 4 offers, Francis Holland SW1 5 offers, Harrodian 7, CLSG 1, City of London Boys 1, plus a variety of boarding and other London day schools

Newton Prep 11+ results
4 Emanuel School, 3 JAGS, 2 Alleyn’s, 2 Wimbledon High, 2 Wycombe Abbey, 1 St Paul’s Girls’ School, 1 Godolphin & Latymer, 1 Sevenoaks, 1 Latymer Upper

Norland Place
List of offers for 17 girls and 13 boys
Girls 11+: Francis Holland NW1 13, Godolphin & Latymer 5, Latymer Upper 1, NLCS 1, Notting Hill & Ealing High 3, St Paul’s 1, Wycombe Abbey 1, St Mary’s Ascot 2
Boys 8+: Wetherby Prep 13, Sussex House 6, Westminster Under 2, St Paul’s Juniors 3, Fulham Prep 5, Caldicott 2, Harrodian 2

Pembridge Hall
Below are places accepted by the 55 girls in Year 6
Godolphin & Latymer   9
Putney High 1
St Paul’s Girls’ School  3
South Hampstead High 6
Wycombe Abbey 2
Downe House 3

Prospect House, Putney
42 candidates achieving the following offers, among others
Kew House 14
Putney High School 6
Godolphin & Latymer 3
King’s College Wimbledon 3
Latymer Upper School 7
Wimbledon High School 3
Lady Eleanor Holles 2
St Paul’s Girls’ 1
St Paul’s Juniors 1
Tiffin Girls 1
Tiffin School 2

Ravenscourt Park Prep School
Excellent results again this year, especially for a non-selective school. Clearly an excellent feeder for Latymer Upper School. Offers include:
Latymer Upper 14, Godolphin & Latymer 11, City of London School for Girls 2, St Paul’s Girls’ School 2, King’s College Wimbledon 3, St Paul’s Junior 3, Wetherby 2, also one offer each to St Paul’s and Westminster via 11+ pre-test for 13+ entry.

The Roche School, Wandsworth
final destinations for the 34 candidates
Dulwich College 2
Emanuel 5
King’s College Wimbledon 1
Kingston Grammar 1
Thomas’s Battersea 1
Wimbledon High 2

Saint Christina’s School
11+ offers include
Henrietta Barnett 3 (!!!)
South Hampstead High School 5
City of London 2
Francis Holland 4
Godolphin & Latymer 1
Latymer Upper 1

Queen’s Gate Junior School 11+

A huge congratulations to this year’s III Form 11+ pupils, who have been offered places at St Paul’s Girls School, Godolphin and Latymer, Downe House, St Swithun’s, Woldingham School, and Queen’s Gate Senior School, including two Academic Scholarships, one All-rounder scholarship, one Mathematics Scholarship, two Mathematics Exhibitions, one English Scholarship, two English Exhibitions, one Art Scholarship and two Sports Scholarships.

awaiting: Eaton Square, Thomas’s, Sarum Hall, Devonshire House, Eaton House the Manor Girls’ …

To summarise, since this is a particularly popular piece of information, please see below a list of feeder schools to St Paul’s Girls’ School, to the extent that the information is available:

St Paul’s Girls’ School feeder preps 2017:

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    1. that’s mainly because parents are sold on girls’ education and tend to choose St Paul’s, Godolphin and Latymer or the other GDST schools (Putney High, Wimbledon High), not many apply to Latymer Upper.

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