Which prep schools feed St Paul’s Girls’ School?

This is a post from 2020. See here for an updated 2022 feeder list.

Officially, there is no such thing as a feeder school to St Paul’s Girls’ School. However, you will certainly notice that a small handful of London prep schools have historically filled a large share of the 90-100 places available at St Paul’s Girls’ School at 11+. This is slowly changing, as elite schools are trying to branch out and “recruit” the brightest children from a more diverse set of schools, but you will still find that a handful of schools have a strong track record.

Most of these tend to be highly selective themselves, so it is no surprise they send a higher share of girls to SPGS than other schools. But if you are looking for a school where a high number of girls are of a calibre to thrive at SPGS one day, you should certainly consider the below list.

The following prep schools send a significant number of girls to St Paul’s Girls’ School in 2020, keeping in mind that 2020 has been an unusual year and some prep schools have not yet published their results:

  • Bute House 15 (out of 61)
  • Kensington Prep 8 offers (5 offers accepted, out of 37 candidates)
  • Falkner House 7 (out of 22)
  • St Christopher’s Hampstead 5 (4 accepted)
  • NLCS 5 (3 accepted)
  • Glendower Prep 3 (out of 36)
  • Ravenscourt Park Prep School 3 (2 accepted)
  • Pembridge Hall 3 (out of 54)
  • Newton Prep School 2 (out of 23 girls)
  • Orchard House School 2
  • The following schools sent one girl each: Hill House International Junior School, Cavendish School, The Roche School, Chiswick and Bedford Park Prep, Old Vicarage School (Richmond), Hampden Gurney, Garden House Girls’ School, Knightsbridge School, Sarum Hall,

The following prep schools send a significant number of girls to St Paul’s Girls’ School in 2019:

  • Bute House 12- 14 (out of 60) – this is an estimate, as the school has stopped reporting results, potentially to avoid the “SPGS feeder” label
  • Falkner House 11 (out of 22) – clearly, you can’t go wrong with this one, although it is very hard to gain a place here at 4+ or after, as entry standards are very high
  • Glendower Prep 7 (out of 26)
  • Kensington Prep 7 (out of 39)
  • North London Collegiate School 5 offers (4 accepted)
  • Hampden Gurney 5 (out of 20?), a Church of England state school in Marylebone, although potentially much harder to get into than most of the above!
  • Queen’s College Prep School 4 (out of 15), a non-selective prep school in Marylebone that puts pastoral care and finding the right school for each child first
  • Newton Prep 2 (out of about 20 girls)
  • Kew College 2, non-selective prep
  • Pembridge Hall 2 (out of 56, non-selective)
  • Thomas’s Kensington 2
  • Roche School, Wandsworth 2, another non-selective school with great pastoral care, proving that you don’t need to go to a pushy hothouse to succeed
  • The following schools sent one girl each: Chiswick and Bedford Park Prep, The Study Prep, Norland Place, Old Vicarage School  (Richmond), Queen’s Gate Junior School, Belmont Primary, Redcliffe School, Bousfield Primary, Unicorn School

St Paul’s Girl’s School offers by prep school 2018

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St Paul’s Girls’ School feeder preps 2017

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    1. there is no official number, I heard both 12 and 13 from parents, but given the “data” they published it must be between 12 and 14, so you number also makes sense and might well be right.

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