A-Level Results 2018: ranking of London’s top secondary schools

Thursday 16th August 2018 was A-Level results day, when tens of thousands of 17-18 year olds across the country found out their A-Level results and if they have met their target grades for university admission. Please note a few independent schools (notably St Paul’s School) do not publish their official results until November. Some schools […]

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State or private school?

In recent years, an increasing number of readers and clients have asked me about state education and if it is really worth paying private school fees. For many expats, particularly those coming from countries where nearly everybody is state educated, the idea of paying high taxes and then having to pay school fees on top

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7+ specimen papers

For those of you preparing for upcoming 7+ exams in December and January, here is a helpful overview of very good past papers published by the top target schools in London, along with a few more from highly selective schools elsewhere in England. They vary in difficulty, so I recommend rather than going through paper

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Singapore Math in London schools

Most people know by now that Singaporean students score highest in the world when it comes to maths and problem solving, and many credit their Singapore Math curriculum that emphasises problem solving skills, visualisation, mental maths skills and very slow but deep understanding rather than rushing through the curriculum for this success. There have been

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