Eaton House Belgravia

Eaton House Belgravia, 3 – 5 Eaton Gate, London SW1W 9BA

Profile: Eaton House Belgravia is a non-selective’ pre-preparatory school for boys aged 4 – 8 that forms part of the Eaton House Group of Schools. It prepares boys for the 7+/8+ exams for entry into leading preparatory schools. It draws its pupils from a wider area in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Fulham. Though Ofsted only rates the school as “good”, the exit results suggest the school does a very good job in placing its boys into highly competitve preparatory schools in the 7+/8+ exams. It is known as academically thorough and rigorous, one of the few schools that may deserve the “hothouse” label. In the Reception year, boys are separated into classes based on their date of birth, whereas in Year 1, these boys are mixed up and taught according to their level in Maths, Reading and Writing. Homework is more or less set from the very first days of Reception, and parents report boys progress very quickly here. The profile of families is very diverse and international, given its location. Ambitious parents obviously love this school! There is no outdoor space to speak of, so boys are taken to nearby parks and sports centres for physical activity and extracurriculars. Following Lucy Watts’ retirement in July 2015, long standing deputy head Mrs Annabel Abbott has now taken over as Headmistress of the school.

Admissions: There is no assessment for Reception entry into Eaton House Schools. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Further details are given on the admissions section of the school website:

We are proud to operate a first come first served entry process into our schools at Nursery and Kindergarten level. As a result we recommend early registration where possible. 

All parents of children with definite places will be invited to attend a meeting with the head teacher and have a tour of the school approximately a year prior to their children joining the school.

Parents who have been allocated a definite place are invited to visit the school and meet the Headmaster during the Summer term, one year prior to entry, at which time a deposit is required to secure the place.

Exit Results: Running only from 4-8, boys take the 7+ or 8+ exams for entry into leading preparatory schools. The school lists the following leavers destinations in the Exam Results section of its website, which suggests very good success in placing their boys to London’s most attractive preparatory schools. The amount of Sussex House offers this year (and last year) was particularly impressive!

8+ Examination Results 2015

London Day School Places accepted
Colet Court 5
Eaton House The Manor 2
Sussex House 9
Thomas’s Kensington 1
Westminster Under 6
Wetherby 3

7+ Examination Results 2015

Eaton House the Manor 1
King’s College Wimbledon 1
St Philipp’s 1
Westminster Under 2

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