Kensington Prep School

596 Fulham Road, London SW6 5PA

Profile: Located towards the end of Fulham Road in Parsons Green, Kensington Prep School is one of the top prep schools in London, winning it the 2009/2010 Sunday Times Prep School of the Year award. Kensington Prep girls also frequently feature among Primary Mathematics Challenge medalists. It has been rated excellent in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, and was even awarded the rare “Exceptional” rating for the achievements of its pupils in its most recent May 2015 inspection. It is now recognised as one of the very finest prep schools in the country!

The school is serious about developing critical thinking and flexibility, teaching girls thinking skills and philosophy from Year 1. Extracurricular opportunities include Mandarin and Spanish, as well as a wide array of musical instruments, singing and plenty of sports. The outdoor space of the school is impressive for a London prep school, giving the girls ample space to run around, climb and play during break time. Design technology and entrepreneurial projects are also taken very seriously at this school in line with the headmistress’s mission to prepare girls for life in the 21st century. Music is particular strong at this school, where almost every girl joins the Choir and the Orchestra and plays at least one instrument. Lucky girls from Year 5 and Year 6 may even get to go on a concert tour to Venice or perform at Cadogan Hall in the summer. There is less emphasis on sports, if that is important to you, although a wide range of sports is offered.

Admissions: 4+ admission to Kensington Prep School is via 4+ assessment. Girls can be registered at any moment up to one year prior to their entry to Reception class (i.e. at the latest September 2016 for Sep 2017 entry). Assessments take place at the beginning of the Spring Term in January of the year of entry and appointment times are sent out at the end of October. About 180 girls are assessed each year for the 44 available Reception places. in addition to that, there is a small 7+ intake and some occasional places, but the main intake takes place at the 4+ level. During the assessment, six girls spend time with a teacher and can choose from several activities. Afterwards, they will also spend some one-on-one time with another member of staff for further activities. The school does not require the children to come with any knowledge and is looking for curiosity and problem-solving skills (think simple jigsaws and the like). They do ask not to send children who don’t speak English to the assessment, understandably! There is a small additional 7+ intake which is very competitive (about 10:1 ratio).

Exit Results: Kensington Prep girls are successful in gaining admission to the top London Senior schools, as generally 20-25% are offered places at St Paul’s Girls’ School and 50% are accepted to Godolphin and Latymer. About 25% of the class have traditionally moved on to boarding schools such as Wycombe Abbey, St Mary’s Ascot and Downe House, but this has been changing in recent years, with more parents choosing London day schools (click here for a full list of senior school places). 2015 has been an incredibly successful year in terms of exit results with 11 girls securing places at St Paul’s, 7 at City of London School for Girls and 22 offers from Godolphin & Latymer! 2016 has been another spectacular year with 11 offers from St Paul’s Girls’ School, Godolphin & Latymer 22 offers (7 accepted, including 1 music scholarship), Latymer Upper 7 offers including academic scholarship (2 accepted), Putney High 30 offers (!!! including 8 scholarships) (8 accepted, including 1 sports scholarship), Tiffin Girls 1 offer, Wimbledon High 9 offers (including 4 scholarships) (2 accepted including 1 academic scholarship), Wycombe Abbey 4 offers including music scholarship (1 accepted).

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