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7+ / 8+ results London 2018

It is still very early days but the first pre-prep schools have started releasing their 7+ results. This post will be updated as schools release their results. Please see the summary of Westminster Under / St Paul’s / Sussex House feeders at the end of this post. Children’s House Upper School 7+ Most children off

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7+ specimen papers

For those of you preparing for upcoming 7+ exams in December and January, here is a helpful overview of very good past papers published by the top target schools in London, along with a few more from highly selective schools elsewhere in England. They vary in difficulty, so I recommend rather than going through paper

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St Paul’s feeder schools

Following separate posts on leading feeder schools to Westminster School and Eton College, below is the same information for St Paul’s School in Barnes. First, here are pre-preps that feed St Paul’s Junior School at 7+ / 8+, to the extent that they publish this information: St Paul’s Junior School feeders 2018 7+ and 8+: –

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A-Level results 2016: best London secondary schools

And the top secondary school in London is….  the St Paul’s Girls’ School (again)! The second place goes to Westminster School, followed by the North London Collegiate School (as always, it seems). Girls Day School trust (GDST) schools are well presented with two out of the top 20 schools in the ranking (Putney High and SHHS would be the third and fourth

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Exclusive interview on the opening of Falkner House pre-prep for boys

There is a shortage of boys’ pre-preps in London, which is why competition for places at Wetherby or the popular co-educational prep schools is so intense. It is great news then that Falkner House is starting a pre-prep school for boys aged four to eight with an attached co-educational nursery, following their recent acquisition of 20

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11+ results London 2015

Most schools have published their 11+ exit results for 2015 by now, while we need to wait until the summer for Common Entrance results. But we do have the results from a few co-educational prep schools already, along with most girls’ schools, at least the important ones. I will update this post as they are released. Currently,

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