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11+ results London 2018

Bute House a very strong year again, although of course keep in mind that 40 out of the 63 girls are chosen via a rigorous 7+ exam, so their results are always going to be better than most schools that admit the majority of their children at age 3 or 4. Accepted offers include: St

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GCSE league tables 2017 London

Following last week’s publication of A-Level results, which featured some surprising new comers, here is the new ranking of London secondary schools based on 2017 GCSE results. Unbeatable St Paul’s Girls’ School is Number 1 (as always?), closely followed by Westminster School. NLCS, Habs and City are strong as always. The co-educational schools keep edging

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St Paul’s feeder schools

Following separate posts on leading feeder schools to Westminster School and Eton College, below is the same information for St Paul’s School in Barnes. First, here are pre-preps that feed St Paul’s Junior School at 7+ / 8+, to the extent that they publish this information: St Paul’s Junior School feeders 2018 7+ and 8+: –

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Overview of 11+ results 2017

We are still awaiting publication from a few important prep schools – Thomas’s, Bute House and Hill House to name but a few. Below is a comprehensive list of schools that have published their 11+ results for 2017 already. This will be updated as soon as additional results are published. For those looking for a specific St

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13+ results London prep schools

Below is a comprehensive overview of 13+ results at London prep schools. We’re awaiting the publication of several important prep schools and will update accordingly, but most prep schools have already released their 2016 results. If you want a quick overview of the numbers sent to the highly selective schools, also check the updated list

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GCSE results London 2016

Following the release of last week’s A-Level results, schools across the country have now also released their GCSE results 2016, which enables us to compile a ranking specifically for London day schools. GCSE results give us a more recent picture of how a school is performing, since the pupils who take the exams have usually

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A-Level results 2016: best London secondary schools

And the top secondary school in London is….  the St Paul’s Girls’ School (again)! The second place goes to Westminster School, followed by the North London Collegiate School (as always, it seems). Girls Day School trust (GDST) schools are well presented with two out of the top 20 schools in the ranking (Putney High and SHHS would be the third and fourth

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Overview of 11+ results 2016

Below is a comprehensive list of schools that have published their 11+ results for 2016 already: Abercorn School children received offers from the following schools: Girls schools: City of London, Godolphin & Latymer, South Hampstead High School, St Paul’s Girls’ School Boys schools: City of London, Colet Court, UCS, Wetherby Co-ed schools: Highgate, Latymer Upper Academy

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Overview of 7+/8+ results 2016

It is still very early days but the first pre-prep schools have started releasing their 7+ results. This post will be updated as schools release their results. Children’s House Upper School, Islington accepted offers include… City of London School for Girls    2 Highgate  1 Northbridge House 6 South Hampstead High School 1 St Paul’s

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11+ results London 2015

Most schools have published their 11+ exit results for 2015 by now, while we need to wait until the summer for Common Entrance results. But we do have the results from a few co-educational prep schools already, along with most girls’ schools, at least the important ones. I will update this post as they are released. Currently,

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Pembridge Hall School visit

Whenever you hear people talk about oversubscribed London schools and parents emailing registration forms from the labour ward, chances are they are referring to Wetherby Pre-Prep or its sister school, Pembridge Hall, on Pembridge Square in Notting Hill. While you might hear many stories about it, it is not easy to visit the school, since

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