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State or private school?

In recent years, an increasing number of readers and clients have asked me about state education and if it is really worth paying private school fees. For many expats, particularly those coming from countries where nearly everybody is state educated, the idea of paying high taxes and then having to pay school fees on top

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Should you choose a British school or international school?

One of the first decisions you have to make, assuming you are going private, is between the British system and international schools. There are considerable differences between the curricula and approaches, but even practical considerations. First, let us consider the practical aspects, as they can be a deciding factor even before you look into theoretical

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GCSE league tables 2017 London

Following last week’s publication of A-Level results, which featured some surprising new comers, here is the new ranking of London secondary schools based on 2017 GCSE results. Unbeatable St Paul’s Girls’ School is Number 1 (as always?), closely followed by Westminster School. NLCS, Habs and City are strong as always. The co-educational schools keep edging

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GCSE results London 2016

Following the release of last week’s A-Level results, schools across the country have now also released their GCSE results 2016, which enables us to compile a ranking specifically for London day schools. GCSE results give us a more recent picture of how a school is performing, since the pupils who take the exams have usually

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Overview of 11+ results 2016

Below is a comprehensive list of schools that have published their 11+ results for 2016 already: Abercorn School children received offers from the following schools: Girls schools: City of London, Godolphin & Latymer, South Hampstead High School, St Paul’s Girls’ School Boys schools: City of London, Colet Court, UCS, Wetherby Co-ed schools: Highgate, Latymer Upper Academy

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Insights into the 11+ exam

Guest post by MaiHanh DeLorenzo, Metal Rocks Education Advisors (see further info and bio below) When Anke asked me to write about the 11+ exam, my first response was that it was like trying to write another Churchill biography, that is: What new is there left to say? But then, realising that new Churchill biographies come out

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